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  1. I'm in mourning for my cat baby who died this morning. I have a big empty hole in my heart and life now. She has been with me for over 12 years.

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    2. Rosewin


      So sorry to hear this Blue, my heart goes out to you and I will be thinking of you as you go thought this terrible time. Hugs to you and I hope all the good memories come to you, to take just a little of the sting of this hard time.

    3. bluegenjutsu


      Thank you, Kivak and nixicole.

      @Rose, thank you. Right now I am trying to stay busy. I will think of the good times with her, when I can.

      I appreciate all the hugs and caring. Hugs back to all of you.

    4. brappl


      Oh, Blue so, so sorry. Went through this a few years back with a dog I had for 16 years. There are no words but time will lessen the grief.

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