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  1. Woken up by an Earthquake this morning. Scared the crap out of me (the epicenter was a few miles from my house), but other than that everything is ok. Thank LA's earthquake code for buildings for that.

  2. Hey, anyone remember me? I've been busy with RL problems and pleasures (in unequal quantities) awhile. Missed you all : )

  3. Job interview tomorrow- *crosses fingers*

  4. Had an emergency trip to the Retina doctor this afternoon. My one good eye is having a problem so my vision will be not so good for several days. :(

  5. First bronchitis, then flu, now a stomach virus- winter you really suck and it's time for you to go away :(

  6. Off for a few days. See you soon! :)

  7. This week just keeps getting better and better. The position I was hired for with my company had to be terminated due to decrease in real estate market. Here I go again :(

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      *hug* I hope things get better soon for you, too.

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  8. It is raining!!! With real rain and everything, so excited!!!

  9. I keep trying to send you all some of this hot weather but it doesn't seem to be working. :(

  10. Still no sign of winter here

  11. **Pokes at shiny new avatar** Finally found one in the public domain.

  12. I think I should be more quiet now. That is all!

  13. Firing up the game for the first time in over a week!

  14. Finally have my game going again! Yay it runs so much smoother now!

  15. Let the party begin! It's about 8:50 here and I will probably go read a book and crash. :P Happy new year from down under.

  16. Fighting weather related allergy and sinus isues- and so far they're totally kicking my derriere!

  17. Oh my freaking goodness! First ever natural alien baby!!! And it's Low's!!!!!

  18. Back home inofficially and just for a few hours, have to go back to the hospital soon. They really know how to ruin my birthday!

  19. Today is my 28th anniversary since I was witched and spelled by my beloved witch wife. Still love her a lot. :)

  20. One of my sims decided to have a discreet rendezvous. When the list came up of available male sims it included the Grimm Reaper? LOL!

  21. So mad! Playing my Cabernet family and crash! Nooo!!