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  1. Wanted to post a public update on TFM since so many people had PM'd me asking. She is not back home yet but they are doing okay and hanging in there. She is comfortable and being fed well but ready to get back to her computer and wanted you guys to know she is okay!

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    2. RedMallie


      Great to hear she's being cared for well. I kept thinking how bad could be for her to be absent this long. Thank you, Squirrel!!!! :heart:

    3. Katelinjens


      Thanks you for the update!  I am glad to hear that she is Ok and it will be nice when she is back home and visiting with us again!   Take good care, TFM! :hug3:

    4. Chaavik


      I forgot she lives in TX. I hope she and her family are safe too. My aunt lives near where Hurricane Harvey tore through the state recently, but she was visiting her son in CA at the time. And hope everyone is doing all right.

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