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    Hey everyone!, I'm sam, I love the sims series, cats, wolves and just about anything pink, haha!, anyway I don't bite, so If you want to chat then just drop me a line :)
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  1. I got my bad suspected broken foot looked at today, and it turns out it's not a break, the doc said It could be just bruising on the bone for a fine stress fracture that didn't show on a regular X-ray :) she said It'll take about six weeks to heal :(

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    2. Katelinjens


      I hope you will have a speedy recovery! *hugs*

    3. samantha8982


      thank you all *hugs* I slept all day today so that one day out of six week gone haha!

    4. RedMallie


      Good thinking, hehehe! The good thing is: your foot is not broken. It will heal much better than if the case was the opposite. Yay!!! Patience, lots of gaming when you feel comfortable enough to sit.

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