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    My Sons, Wolfie, classic Rock, Dogs, Wolves, classic muscle cars, horses, motorcycles, guitar. Oh yeah I like this game called Sims2
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    Planet Lupine with Wolfie and our family
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  1. Woke up this morning sick as a dog, still not feeling well. I am going to work anyway. If you don't hear from me know I am still sick. I need Wolfie to make grandma's comfort soup.

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    2. michalien


      Sorry to hear that. I wish you quick recovery. Rest well my friend.

    3. WolfMoon


      YUCK I hope you feel better I wish I was closer would bring comfort soup.

    4. Akeem


      He is still sleeping with his kitten mom is here with soup and stuff for him, we have to head out at least he can sleep today yesterday he couldn't

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