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Status Updates posted by Senkime

  1. Sick in bed with the stomach flu with the little one. hopefully I have enough energy to at least see babies in Sims game.

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    2. Rosewin


      Stomach flu is the worst.

      Hope you are feeling better soon.

    3. michalien


      Wish you quick recovery.

    4. Wolfenblu


      Not fun, wish you a fast recovery as well!

  2. Lost my sims laptop to cooling problems. now to do everything over.

    1. Rosewin
    2. tessalion13


      Ugghhh hate when that happens!

    3. michalien


      That sucks. Wish you new inspiration in creating Sims. You are doing great job.

  3. Sorry my long disappearance, was busy with work

  4. Dear game, if you stopped working. I swear I will kill you. I can't lose my legacy game like this.

    1. veiledstar


      I was saying the same thing to my game earlier. I hope you get it working soon!

  5. So after going through the main electronics packed by military movers, two out of three tvs are completely broken -.- I'm so pissed right now

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    2. Trif


      Oh this is so not good! Fix or replace they must!

    3. Rosewin
    4. Firestaar1


      Oh no, that really sucks!!

  6. Night 0: Baby is crying her head off like it is no tomorrow in her crib.

    1. Wolfenblu


      aww be strong it is so hard I know!

  7. Dear game, don't tell that I have to uninstall, reinstall everything that I have done since I got you in 2010. You will die painfully slow if I have to do that again -.-, Sincerely a pissed single parent that wants to play sims while her pre-tot is asleep.

  8. Three more days until the little one gets her crib back and then the fun beginnig.

  9. outlining story at the moment

    1. Rosewin


      That is always the fun part for me.

    2. nixicole


      I always enjoyed that part, too. Have fun!

    3. Wolfenblu


      If I outline stories they stay outlines. I don't know why, a lot of times I have no idea how stories are going to end. Unless I write the ending first which I have done.

  10. Cleaning the house today. sims this evening when I'm finished.

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    2. Senkime


      Now my daughter wants cuddle time until she takes a nap. At least I'm half way done, just my room, the dining room and take out trash.

    3. michalien


      aww. supporting your daughter. Most high priority.

    4. Senkime
  11. So my daughter decided to use my back as a pillow. I don't think that it was that comfortable.

  12. New sims then finish packaging of the Heller children. finally downloaded my missing cc clothes

  13. Playing sims with a 32" screen tv as a monitor. it looks so pretty

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    2. Dawn


      I've got my TV hooked up as my monitor. It was 34" and now I have sims in 50" loveliness!!

    3. Senkime


      I don't have a 50" yet -cries- I want to see that loveliness!!!

    4. Chaavik


      Big screens. Yum. My screen was a wide 22", large enough that I had to modify the Sims 2 game files to use resolutions larger than 1040x768. I'd love a screenshot. :)

  14. Dear game, how dare crash my save and now I don't have my quartet anymore -.-

  15. Remind me when I get home that I owe everyone six new sims

  16. Going to give legacy playing a try. decision is playing with a saved teen already or create an all new sim. decisions decisions

    1. michalien


      YAY. I love your teens. I mean in the game. I'm not and old pervert. ;-)

    2. Senkime


      Right now, its between Stefan, Arisone and Tizane for teen playage

  17. I'm happy and you know it ^.^

    1. michalien


      glad for your. Just keep going in that mood.

  18. I can't see all my active sims, darn EA with their limit of 8

  19. Trying to get all these random gameplay pics sorted same with trying to note all the cc that my teen sims have that I'm finally ready to share.

    1. Shonie


      Teen CC? Be still my beating heart!

    2. Senkime


      Yes there is teen CC out there. Hard to find, I know.

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