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  1. Dammit! Just went on a downloading spree for TS3 conversion to TS2. Downloaded off and on all day. Just got them all unzipped and into a folder and my mom called. Chatting with her while I finished everything up and deleted the whole damn file. *facepalms* Well, there went all those.

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    2. Loralie0512
    3. InsaneInTheBrain


      LOL Yep, I redownloaded everything. Now I am going through the damn stuff that isn't showing up right. Ugh so many cute hairs, so many scalps you can see underneath.

    4. Jenn


      Oh man. I've done that! It sucks. I also need to go thru my game. I have outfits with weird nude meshing. I have been avoiding the clean up of that horror story for too long.