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  1. I come here to catch up on the latest posts from everyone. I find people asking about mod statuses still. Suffice to say that I was not happy after reading some rude remarks from those who only came here to bug someone about certain mods. Please keep in mind some of us retired from modding for good reasons and would be happy to help them find alternatives if they asked nicely. Or update those mods themselves.

    1. FzzyDg8


      Those individuals only joined for what they can get from this website and not for what they can contribute.  I think you'll find that the resident members are all understanding and respectful towards the creators.  Unfortunately, the bad apples cannot be weeded out until they surface to display their lack of good breeding.  Don't let them sour your opinion of this website; I've been here since around 2009 or so and I can safely say they're a nice bunch of people.

    2. RedMallie
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