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  1. I'm not having any luck with the employees but I think I switched it off by switching MCC to default and added the 300 mod. I can get a chef but it's not the one I hired and one point he tried was working the host stand despite having the name of chef on him.

    Edit: Pulled out all mods except for your stuff and still having the same issues :( Though whoever the chef is at the host stand becomes a chef after I get there so he was once a host. None of them are the ones I hired though and they can't get through employee doors either.

  2. Hi, Cool. I'm having some issues with this mod and I have already tried re-downloading all of the files already but it still hasn't fixed my problem. I currently have the files set in my mod folder below where all the script mods sit. Also checked this with the mod conflict detector as well.


    The problem I'm having is I can't get the enable/disable emotional aura to show up. The ones I'm noticing it not showing up on is the double beds. I can see them on single beds that the decor bonus though.

    Any help would be wonderful. Thank you :)