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  1. Thought i'd stop in real quick. Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! May you all be safe,warm and surounded by loved ones. :)

    1. jenniferw23


      Your wish for me came true! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year as well.

    2. Shadowed69


      awww i'm glad jenn. I had to work but it was an ok Christmas anyway. thank you.

  2. Made Unstuffed Cabbage rolls,Mashed 'taters & Apple Pie. Can't wait to eat. :)

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    2. Shadowed69


      I put the Unstuffed Cabbage recipe in the Recipe section. If anyone would like it. :)

    3. Cloudwalker
    4. Rosewin
  3. I am really liking these sliders. Got a few sims going should be up no later then Tuesday. Wish me luck. :)

    1. bluegenjutsu
    2. Rosewin


      Good luck!

      Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  4. Figures I just DL sliders,mods & stuff. EA gives us an update. UGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! LMBO!

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    2. bluegenjutsu


      The sliders will still work. The only time they wouldn't work is if there is a change in sliders for the game, which only happened with Pets, Late Night and Supernatural.

    3. Cloudwalker


      glad to hear you still have a penis, btw. ;)

    4. Shadowed69


      Ummm thank you CW. Yes I do have one of those.somewhere. LOL!

  5. I wonder if I give Photoshop a good slap. If it will stop freezing up. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    1. Cloudwalker


      Make sure you clean your temp and see about telling it to write its temp files to a better spot on your computer.

    2. Cloudwalker


      (more ram helps, too)

    3. Shadowed69


      Which temp? PSP is doing the same thing. I want my new PC NOW!!! LOL!

  6. Grrrrrr! Can't get these game rugs to work. Going back to pictures & paintings. LOL!

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