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  1. No, I didn't, @coolspear

    You probably have noticed from the naivety / ignorance I sometimes show in my comments: I am not that savvy when it comes to understanding how to use command bar cheats--and many other things in the game, hahahaha!!!

    Having to go through individual sims to make them behave more reasonably during rain events (and not have the LEs about umbrellas and other stuff flashing up like mad) would be above my level of committment to understanding features. So, when I cannot fathom what the hell the mod does, or at least, the main parts of it, I don't attempt to use it.

    If your Little Zapper is a machine that can do the trick with an easier "mechanism" for a player like myself, I'd love to try it. I'll kee my eyes open for when you have a chance to check it for updates.


  2. Thank you! I think that is what happened. The boat and scooter were not connected to a dock object (they had been in open water in the original beach lot and I left them there at first). then I thought of moving them a bit closer to the shore, but I knew that the depth was a concern. I thought I got them at the appropriate depth, but I didn't as they disappeared on loading the lot for my sims to use it.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!!! I know you're very busy testing mods! :heart:

  3. I was wondering why you’d make such a mod. Now it makes perfect sense.


    In a save, I re categorized  a beach lot in Sulani as a rental lot. There were a water scooter and a sailboat on the beach lot, and they were there, on the beach while I was working on making a rental beach house for a family of seven.

     I did notice that both the water scooter and the sailboat (catamaran?) disappeared when my sims got to the lot.

    There was no pool in the lot since they were by the beach, but now, after reading your commentary, It is the type of lot that provokes this, right? My edit was not a residential or community lot, but the rental type of lot had the same effect on the water scooter and the catamaran.

    Would the mod work on a rental lot on the beach? :5146:

  4. Hello.

    First of all, sorry if my comment caused confusion. I forgot that the issue described above was about children. I mindlessly referred to 'sims' in general.

    So, more details.

    1. I use Coolspear's NoCensorMosaic_OverridesFolder (in my overrides folder, for sure). Because of this, I cannot know if WW has reintroduced the no blur for all ages including infants, toddlers, children, and above.

    2. Coolspear's No mosaic mod is fine, like he indicated. I have a picture of a sim child showering without wearing clothes, without the blur:



    3. Coolspear's no mosaic mod takes care of the blur for infants and toddlers as well, as you can see in the following two pictures:



    4. I have not used a mod to get rid of the diapers for toddlers and infnats, that's why you can see them bathing wearing diapers.


    @coolspear as far as I know, the child clothing glitch fix is NOT a feature of WW inappropriate unlock addon. From this site:



    Keeping in mind that we are trying to help, I would like to ask @Eliste if she has deleted all caches before testing WW v176d, because the option was there when I played today. I followed the same path that @PaladinDraak indicated (Settings/Nudity/Undressing/Advanced/ and got to the menu including the option for children bathing outfit:



    Just to be sure, and confirm that I do things correctly, I always EMPTY 2 cache folders that show at the top of the list of folder in Electronic Arts/The Sims 4, then EMPTY the localthumbnailcache folder, and I do DELETE the localthumbcache.package file that generates each time you start the game.


    I hope this clears my comment from above and maybe helps somehow. :embarrassed-smile-smiley-emoticon:

  5. Rest in peace old 970.

    I had one of those from 2016 until this year. Like @Kimi, I wanted something more recent, but unlike her, hheehee, I could only go as expensive up as Nvidia GEForce RTX 2060. I have been in love with Nvidia cards for almost 20 years, and I have found them to give me beautiful graphics.

    @coolspear enjoy getting to know your new GPU, take your time, play. Have fun!!! :needahug:

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