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  1. Finally stopped having seizures. I feel better, but don't know what caused them. Went to the ER and they were no help. I hate doctors for the record. Six months to get a second opinion. I might as well have gone to Mayo clinic if I could afford it!

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    2. Firestaar1


      So sorry you have been having a rough time of it! Hopefully you will be able to find a Dr that can truly help! *hug*

    3. veiledstar


      Thanks everyone!

    4. Wolfenblu


      I am with you I don't really hate them but I don't really like most of them I love our vet I wish we could find a doctor for Kivak and I like her, our pediatrician on the other hand is wonderful he has done so much prevention with Cubbie and he is so healthy. Kivak and I are not sick luckily but I would really like to find a good one just in case. Keep getting better I had an aunt that had them they were caused by allergies of all things.

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