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  1. DARN!!! I made a tumble with my bike today. One of my ribs is hurting, and the tank of my vaping device broke. Now I can't 'not smoke' for a couple of days.

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    2. WolfMoon


      glad it wasn't more serious

    3. jenniferw23


      Oops! Thought I'd already wished you a quick recovery. Here's hoping you're already feeling much better.

    4. BoilingOil


      Well, it's tough. You never know how many things affect your ribs until one of them is bruised. When I sit down, or stand up, or try to lie down, or try to get up again. when I carry stuff on either arm. That rib is a real pain during all these activities. Anyway, thanks WolfMoon and Jennifer. It's appreciated.

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