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  1. Germany has a very good social net. Unless you fall through a hole. Then it is shit. I have a talent for finding the holes.

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    2. MadameButterfly


      I'm very good at falling through that particular hole. Where I live, the social net is for the religious only. And I'm not, so I'm in a constant state of social free fall! :D Thank goodness for simmers!

    3. doren


      The employment agency does not give me any money because I am ill. They say the health insurance has to pay me. The health insurance tells me that I am not entitled to get sick pay because I was exempt from work before my employment ended. So I get no money at all?

    4. MadameButterfly


      Oh my! Actually, I remember a guy telling me of something like that before, and he was in Germany also. That was around 2008, or so. I'm sorry that you are in that situation, because that really sucks.

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