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  1. Playing a game called: "Which sim will eat Nona's deadly apple first?"

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    2. MadameButterfly


      I had some trouble getting anyone to take tha apple. I am not sure I'm doing it right.in the end, I added some lady to house and made her eat it. But then, the grim reaper brought her back!

    3. Nonamena


      The apple doesn't have much advertising, so it just might not be interesting enough for sims to want to eat it. I could increase the advertisement but then you might have a problem with sims dying all the time.

    4. MadameButterfly


      Ah ok! Lol.I only have one witch in my little CAW town, and I control her. I'd be the real culprit if there is an apple-induced death spree. (We can keep this a secret. Nobody has to know.)

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