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  1. I feel like remodeling some towns. If I posted some custom lots for Sunlit Tides (Is that the name.the Superstar world)would anyone like them?

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    2. Cohzaku


      Worst case, I was thinking I'll just make the lots as best as I can and apologetically let people CASt them as they like.

    3. Jenn


      FYI: Showtime World is Starlight Shores. Sunlit Tides is the more of a tropical island world. Both are in desperate need of lots though. I'd be interested and also willing to CASt them myself. I like coloring, I don't like building and decorating. Haha

    4. Cohzaku


      Dangit, Yes, I met Starlight Shores. I get those confused too often. XD

      Well, in that case, I can at least start on the buildings. I'm still going to try to repair the CASt issue.

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