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  1. Had an old laptop that wouldn't work. I put it on ebay and it sold as is for the horrendous price of $3.86, but the winner didn't pay (I have a 12 hour rule on payment) so I cancelled the order. I randomly decided to plug it in just now.and randomness be damned, it's charging! :o I'll see if the charge holds and try to set up an OS on it.

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    2. Cohzaku


      Well, back to the drawing board. It turns on but nothing comes on the screen. Not even a BIOS.

    3. karrere


      CMOS Battery? When the battery is dead, it cannot keep the BIOS settings and may result in not booting up. Just a thought.

    4. Cohzaku


      That could be it. I have a bunch of those in the house so I'll rip her apart again and see if that can be replaced.

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