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  1. Hey @coolspear I'm wondering if we can have your permission to post updated mods in your section as a fan-based community to keep some of the popular mods updated? I checked one that I use all the time, and it seems EA did a lot of code cleaning which screwed up almost everyone's work. I use your writing mod that broke with the recent patch. So I made a small update for my own use. When I came here, I see a lot of comments asking when the mods will be updated. I thought "Gee. Cool made a big announcement about retiring from modding. People still want them anyway." I would like to know if it is ok for me to upload a fixed version for your writing mod. No guarantee about the others. I just figure it would be a small contribution as a form of thanks for your years of modding and guidance.

    1. coolspear


      Yeah, if you feel up to it. Menanceman has already done exactly that. He updated the Voidcritter mod and, rather than post it on MTS with all his other mods, he uploaded the 1.63 update in the mod thread here. So great, if you want to do same with a few mods. Kimi says it's fine, as long as I agree. So please, by all means, fix up whatever you feel. It's all good. Thanks, Chaavik. 

    2. Chaavik


      Thanks. Sending you a virtual beer to enjoy! :)

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