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  1. Do you use the 2x2 garden planters (for 1 tree or 4 plants) on any lots? Especially those lots where you may keep finding all garden produce in the family inventory at the start of a session?

    I did write to EA Help about that very issue a while ago. I think a combination of two glitches from two packs has made large garden planters and sometimes the smaller single garden pots all have any harvestable produce on plants moved to family inventory at start of session. The Eco green footprint effect, perhaps coupled with coding from Cottage Living, where Maxis used large planters as the template for the new giant crop soil patch, but messed up large planters in the process. I advise not to use large planters until Maxis fix - if ever - this glitch.

    I make my sims grow everything in the ground soil now. Even on a Sulani golden sandy beach. (Just use spray on ground soil) Sometimes I use single planter pots, but they too can play up sometimes. The newer vertical planters from Eco Living seem to behave themselves - though I don't use many of them - just for the weird Meat you can make them have.

    So I advise at the very least keeping an eye on large planters and produce being moved to family inventory at start of every session. I strongly advise not using them at all and just use ground soil, especially if getting fed up of finding hundreds of produce items in family inventory every session and going through the pain in the butt rigmarole to sell them off from family inventory. Ground soil saves you from this repeat headache.

  2. Aye, it all works out in the end...


    ...we hope.

    I have to admit, today I've twice popped across to my neighbour's flat to have a chinwag. However, the ulterior motive was to use her toilet as I really don't want to disturb my own freshly cleaned masterpiece. What a dilemma. What a dishonest person I have become over this. Gonna have to mess it up again sometime. I just want to relish in its sparkliness for as long as humanly possible. Before I humanly turn it to crap. I hope she doesn't read this, otherwise she won't let me come in on my next visit. Thinking of what the next conversation topic will be with her, - "how were your holidays? Spain, was it?" - before I inevitably ask, "can I use your loo?" "Again." How bad am I?

    Do you think I might be pushing my luck if I ask can I take a shower at her place? My bathroom is also so immaculately clean, it would be a sin to make a mess of it so soon.

    Origin, what have you done to me?!  

  3. Well, if not using the Larger Storage Capacity mod, then the original Maxis version of that XML will automatically be changed with that little "sim" code adjustment after patching to 1.90. Actually this change may have come with the werewolf patch, 1.88, 1.89, whatever. Probably, since modded storage boxes are reported broken since then. What I'm getting at is, you may have had the little "sim" code change for a while now if you've been patching regularly as and when. And if never using the Storage Capacity mod, then that could not have been the route of the problem if suffering broken storage boxes. Soon I'll be in game myself, and I can finally (hopefully) determine what's going on with storage boxes since 1.88+ patches.

    The title of that mod - seemingly to store more fish in an Aquarium's inventory only - never truly does it justice for all the the changes I've made to all types of Inventory storage there is in game. That's why it's vital I update the mod after every patch, as Maxis change and add new inventory types all the time. And where they fail to add needed inventory types, I do. Such as the unique inventory I modded into that xml for the photo frames that come with the Moschino pack, so they don't all share the same photographs. They can hold unique, individual sets of photos with that "Aquarium" mod. Heck, it even makes the default storage boxes be unique, so they too don't all hold the same stuff. I modded that in, and it kinda undermines my own work on my modded storage boxes, but what the heck.  I'll make all storage boxes worth having. (Though I saved the fancy renaming of storage boxes for my own mods. Not gonna give the Maxis ones that specialty too. Gotta save something special for my own work.) Now all storage boxes are unique, both mine and the Maxis ones. So much for an Aquarium mod, eh?

    Yeah, the Aquarium name does not do it justice to the amount of inventory tinkering going on in that mod. Probably would be less overlooked and more enjoyed by folks if I changed the name to truly represent what it does to all inventory types across the board, not just fish tanks. Maybe one day I'll get round to that. But it started life years ago as a simple fish tank mod, primarily because of the Fresh Fish Storage Box mod I made to hold lots of fish our sims catch, so that's how that all started. Though a modern renaming of the mod to highlight its broader, wide-scale inventory editing would probably be for the best, far evolved from mere fish tanks and Fresh Fish Storage boxes.

    Also, adding the coding you've shown above to and Object XML does help with making things go into sim inventory, in terms of commanding sim to place in inventory or place in world. Though always remember to add the Live Drag data code to the Object Binary file, as a safeguard against an object becoming stuck in sim inventory, where you the player can also just drag the object in or out, or it could all get a bit freaky. One of Maxis' rules I wholeheartedly agree with. If it can go into inventories, it's simply gotta have Live Drag too. Otherwise don't.

    Actually, on the odd occasion Maxis don't apply their own rule, so for those objects I do mod them to also have Live Drag. Such as things like the Earbuds. Sloppy Maxis. The Live Drag function not just for dragging things in or out, but very much needed just to drag the object down to the sale bar in inventory and sell it off. Yeah, that's a bummer when you can't do that. So, Live Drag for absolutely anything that can go into a sim inventory, yes please. 

  4. A mix of Fate, a squiffy Origin update and my own stupidity forced me to update my game to 1.90 yesterday. No bad thing in the end, I guess. I was gonna have to do it sooner or later anyway.

    I'm still in the process of updating mods and getting mods from other creators sorted. But in the meantime, I'll upload a small few of those essential mods I always need to check after patching as they can and do have serious implications in the game if Maxis do alter them.

    - Command To Teleport - Maxis added werewolf codes for how they walk on the terrain and move through tunnels. I know that was a few patches ago, so I'm sorry for the delay on this (overdue) essential update. I only updated from 1.87 to 1.90 yesterday, and that wasn't exactly planned.

    Larger Storage Capacity - Maxis did a very small, seemingly unnecessary change on this xml. After eight years, they decided to change a single line from  "<T n="use_owner">True</T>"  to  "<T n="use_sim_owner">True</T>"   Slipping a "sim" in there because that will make all the difference in game after all these years. Not! But it could certainly be the reason behind the reports of broken storage box mods, as this change deals directly with sim storage personal inventory, and my storage box mods are also based on that same type of storage inventory. So hopefully this "tiny" adjustment is the fix needed. I won't know until I can get in game and check for myself, probably tomorrow if time is on my side. Feedback on this would be appreciated.

    - Quicker Sim Autonomy - They don't change this xml often. Once for 1.71 patch that did absolutely nothing in game, and now once again for 1.90. The new line of code may very well be for all the annoying phone idles that come with Highschool patch, governing the frequency at which sims do them. I've simply added the new Maxis stuff as is, I still have yet to check in game if it does actually govern frequency. But I cannot think of any other reason this idle frequency coding would even be needed if not for all the annoying phone shit. So it may well be, that sticking with the 1.71 Sim Quicker Autonomy mod that does not have this new idle push prevents sims doing the stupid idles altogether. The older 1.71 version may already be the mod needed to get rid of the annoying crap! That'd be nice, eh? If so, great. But I will need to check that myself. Again, feedback on this would be appreciated.

    I'll be checking loads more mods over the coming days. I'm sure there are plenty of them that need a fix here or there.

    And according to the patch notes, the error for the Juice Fizzer and the damn Point Farmer Books overload is now resolved. So my mod that fixed this bug is probably redundant now.

    Happy simming, folks.


    Update 11th August 22

    Major update incoming!

    All my storage mods have been fixed. So, do you want the good news or the bad news first? The good news, eh? Okay then. All my storage mods have been fixed.

    "But you already said that, coolspear."

    Okay then, the bad news. Yes, they've all been fixed. But in a way that makes them somewhat less than they were. Since the beginning, something like six years ago, - (First posting the earliest of these mods on MTS when I used to do that.) the storage type that my mods were using was the same type as a sim's personal inventory. It was unique, no one else did it that way, and made it so storage boxes could hold absolutely everything a sim could. They worked marvelously for six years. However, Maxis have decided to change all that. Not that it would effect or make improvements to their own game, their own storage boxes. I mean why would it? They simply don't do it this way for their storage boxes. And these recent changes have made damn well sure I can no longer do it this way anymore. Maxis, haven't you got more pressing, genuine broken things to go fix?

    Very Short Story.

    Imagine you have this friend who once made a bicycle. It's a nice bicycle. Not the best one you've ever seen, but not the worst either.

    One day your friend takes his bike into the garden shed and starts hitting it with a hammer, a hundred times, just like a sim would do. An upgrade, no less. He brings it back out and says, "Taa-daaahh. What do you think?"

    You're a little confused. It looks exactly the same as it always has. Nothing different about it at all. Miraculously not even a single dent after all the hammer bashing going on. You ask, "but what did you do to it?"

    He replies, "I made it so now it can never be a tricycle."

    You are even more confused. "But why? It's always been a bicycle. You were always going to keep it as a bicycle. You were never going to change this fact, not even accidentally. So why the hell did you do this bizarre update on it?"

    He just smiles and says, "it's never going to be a tricycle. Not anymore it ain't."

    The End.

    The moral of the story being, my storage mods can no longer be tricycles, they have to be bicycles. The sim inventory is no longer allowed to be used on boxes, that's now the stuff of LEs, because Maxis hit it with a hammer a hundred times, just because. Now my mods are using the next best storage type there is in the game, that being the Dorm Room Storage Box coding. Though I'm sure there may be a handful of things that are just not going to go in them now.  However, if you do come across things that don't go in the boxes, make a report on my Make A Cool1 Copy thread, - https://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/16235-crafting-make-a-cool1-copy-including-scumbumbo-simteleporter-floor-light-new-for-may-2022/ - because as well as the copy modifications, that's where I also alter many items to go into most Maxis storage boxes because Maxis failed to do this.

    I'm going to guess that if you do not have Uni installed, ergo no actual Dorm Storage Boxes, I think this update to my storage mods should still work in your game, seeing as Maxis give all our games this storage type data when we patch, so your game, even without Uni, should still know what the hell my mods are talking about when referring to Dorm Storage Box. However, if your game does not recognize the storage type because no Uni installed, just let me know and maybe I'll try a workaround using Maxis' default Base Game Storage Chest coding. Because in the mod thread linked above, I am trying to make many things go inside those Chests, that are otherwise next to useless because Maxis simply don't include them enough on any storage lists.  It's almost like Maxis hate those fucking default chests. They avoid listing them as a storage resource like the poor things are a bucket full of plague pus. They obviously hated my... tricycle, enough to kill it stone dead after six years. :cryingalot:

    All storage mod objects are in the one rar. (If I've missed updating any, just let me know which one and I'll fix it right away.) Pick whichever ones you like. For the Star Wars fans, there's also an updated goodie in there. Now be like a real space smuggler, get your Han Solo freak on, with all BB droids and R unit droids having their own cargo hold. Just stash stuff in there, then put droid into inventory. Travel to Batuu. Normally the Empire will remove any strange alien artifacts that are from another galaxy far, far away, a long time into the future, from your sim's inventory. But your handy droid can now smuggle them across for you. The Empire does not check droid inventories for stuff. It doesn't even know they have them! Yep, Stormtroopers really are that stupid. Kenobi still at work. "This is not the droid you're looking for. Move along." Plus the droids come fully upgraded. All you need do is go buy the chip sets you want for them. (Then again, you'll have to wait till I release the whole set of Batuu mods to be able to do that without restrictions. Coming soon, I promise.)   





    cool1 Quicker Sim Autonomy All Versions 1.90.rar

    All Objects With Storage Updated 1.90.rar

    I knew there'd be a storage mod I'd forget. The Adventurers Mega Cooler. Here it is.


  5. Oh what a supreme plonker I am. Ran into another unique mess. After purchasing and installing Werewolf and Highschool packs, then doing a day's worth of batch fixing with S4S - the hair colour slider thing did finally complete after seven full hours! - I started getting a message from S4S that it can no longer access log folder, and this may be because my antivirus is blocking it. Well that's a damn strange turn of events after using it for over six years. So there's me looking into how to stop antivirus blocking it, spending another two hours on that and getting nowhere. Same message keeps popping up every time I open S4S. Tried unistalling it and reinstalling, frikking antivirus message won't quit.

    In the end, nothing to do with antivirus whatsoever. After installing new game pack and new expansion pack, and getting sixteen gigs of batch fix backup files over the course of the day, my poor ssd had finally maxed out and had zero bytes of space left on it! S4S could not access its Log folder simply as there was not a single byte left it could use. Well what the living frick! I never saw that coming. I've had Documents Folder on my ssd for ages, because of all the TS4 mods, to help load them quicker. But now all choked up because of the  batch fix backup files. Geez. That was a few hours spent chasing my tail up the garden path, faffing about with antivirus settings to no avail, to finally realize this ssd shortfall. Doh!

    So then sent Document Folder back home to slowpoke C drive and regaining 35 gigs in the process. S4S now opens without any misleading antivirus messages.

    And I bet the next time I load up TS4 it's going to be a hell of a lot slower due to Documents Folder going home to slowpoke C drive. Akkkk!!!

    Well, at least my toilet and bathroom are spectacularly clean. So, once again, thanks to Origin for a marvelous day of mishaps and misadventure.

    Perhaps it's time to invest in a second ssd. Hmmm... Damn you pesky Origin.

  6. Hey, hey, hey, moving in the right direction now. Because of today's update to Origin being so squiffy - none of my games were available to play for ages. I stated faffing about with it, with Origin offline I was trying to get TS4 to load direct from the exe in the game bin files, but still no joy. No game would load. Shut down and rebooted Origin a few times, until finally my games all registered. However, because all the faffing I'd done to get TS4 to try an run, Origin took it upon itself to do a game fix and game update for TS4. Yep, that'll learn ya. Ah, well, I was going to update eventually, - been stuck at 1.87 all this time - but not just yet, but now fate has forced it so, so I'm now on 1.90. Origin always gets you in the end. Can't hide forever.

    Been spending most of the morning getting the more important mods from other creators updated,  MC, UI mod and what not. Got latest Sims4Studios and extracted all 1.90 files. Then started doing all Batch Fixing with S4S. And my god, got down the list to a newer batch fix of correcting all CC hairs to have latest color slider, and it is taking an AGE!!!! You might think it's crashed, but no, it's slowly but surely going through them. Let's see, while waiting, I've had time to watch two episodes of the new Sandman show on Netflix. Will not be watching anymore, it's a dud, too silly in places. I also had time to finally go clean the toilet. Rubber gloves and twenty different bottles of various cleaning products and bleaches, and the thing is now sparkly pristine. And S4S has only gotten to the Ls with the hairs going alphabetically. That's about half way in four hours! I've still yet to mop the toilet floor, bit of a yucky mess after all that toilet scrubbing. Just waiting for Demestos to do its thing and kill any last colonies of nasties still clinging to life on the toilet. (Bizarre twist of fate, we have Origin to thank for my lovely clean toilet.) I think I'll attack the bathroom next while I'm at it. S4S may get to the T hairs by then. Then make some dinner. S4S should, hopefully, be finished by then. However I've still got the Cas Sliders to batch fix after all that. (I cannot imagine that would take anywhere near as long.)

    Treated myself to Werewolves and Highschool packs too while I was sitting here waiting around, as a belated birthday present. So my actual point is, I should get round to updating my own derned mods in the very near future. That is if S4S ever finishes with this hair colour slider batch fix! :giggle2:


    Yay, 1.90 here we go...

    Well look at that, in the time it's taken me to write this gobbledygook, S4S has got to the Ns. Slowly, but surely, eh. Just like my own updating time speeds. Anyhow, I'm off to mop a toilet floor and go start scrubbing up the bathroom. (Cheers Origin.) Do you know, I've never tried typing on a keyboard before while wearing yellow Marigold rubber gloves. Hmmm... I don't recommend it. Gonna have to clean the keyboard too now. Akkk. Sees ya'll later folks.

  7. There are other reports for my mods relating to Personal Storage Objects that do need an update. Maxis have certainly changed something regarding sim inventories with their werewolf patch storage that I do need to look into. I have put off updating to latest patches for a while now. However, I am gearing up to take the bold step and patch with their latest High School patch that's only just released. It'll put me in a tight spot with my own game. But fuck it, "needs must."

    I was put off with patching the werewolf patch because it broke all Cas CC sliders. I just did not bother patching all this time due to this. I use so much CC and modded sliders, that I just could not be... fucked, could not be annoyed, with having to update so much CC stuff. But annoyance does eventually wear off. One does eventually gear oneself up to accommodate. (The rules of survival in any circumstance) So that's where I'm currently at. Looking to get all sliders and CC updated so I can - at last - patch game to current High School patch that's now just released. So please bear with me, I will plug on through. Just as equally as I'm pissed off with the constant barrage of mod-breaking patches,  I'm also pissed off with my mods being so frikken out of date. My current state of mind is in the upcoming weeks I'm going to plough-on through this fothermucker and get shit done. For fuck's sake, just get shit done! Hopefully, by the end of it, I'll have the personal Storage mods sorted and maybe, just maybe, this sort of LE will be put to rest.

    Thanks for your patience Freeasabird. Thanks for you patience to everyone. I've got some drive in me now. What with the Covid lockdown last year and my beloved ma passing, I became mobidly obese in the year that followed. Not exactly slim-Jim to start with, but I just... fell away and ballooned-up in my unhappiness. But in very recent times I lost a shit-tonne of weight - (quite literally) - and I just feel driven more so than in ages to get shit done. So this more lithe and slender modder is going to get stuff done. I just gotta remember to take a break and actually eat stuff once in a while before I disappear into thin air! :giggle2:

    Hey, no shame in being ample. As some might say, "fat." My body-frame has been "ample" the best part of my existence. Yeah, fat, the best part of my life. But this last 18 months as morbidly obese was something else. And all through other emotions that I just sank into and let myself go. No body-shame. You always gotta love yourself. I do understand. I've always been ample-framed. But I'm half-way through my 50's now and hitting morbidly obese is exactly what it says on the tin; a premature death sentence. I had to shift it if I'm to see sixty in five years. (Hopefully TS4 will end before I'm 60. 😉 But maybe not...)

    Love your body. But, hey, if ample, get down to something normal when you hit mid 50s, for fuck's sake. (And my sake. Peace. PS. Sorry for the fat tangent. Been there, done that. Bought the XXX size tee-shirt - that was still too fucking small!)

  8. Funny coincidence is, it was the mod set I was doing for Batuu that made me have to update the Yoda dishes mod. A spooky Star Wars connection. Seeing as Maxis coded Batuu venue like restaurants, meaning no sod does the instant vanish dish trick like they do on most normal non-restaurant community venues, so the dirty plates, cups and glasses are very quickly left sitting everywhere.

    Maxis thought it a cool idea for the bar staff to stop serving and go round collecting dirty dishes every so often. An ill thought out and very, very not frikken tested idea that works terribly. Bar staff go to start cleaning, a frikken walk in customer then goes to work behind the bar instead. Dirty dishes still left everywhere. An hour later, 20 sims in the joint are all now bar staff all bumping into each other to get behind the bar and every surface slot in the place filled with dirty dishes or piles of rubbish on the floor where they just drop them if they did "attempt" to clean up. Maxis. Maxis, Maxis.

    Yoda's Jedi dish cleaning trick to the rescue. Oh, and also a new dedicated cleaner (like the busboy NPC I made for restaurants) so the dedicated bar staff stay frikken put and the customers stay frikken customers only.

  9. That's exactly what my teleport pad mods do - https://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/13401-teleportation-the-sim-teleportation-pad-system/

    Place them on lot for quick movement all over the lot, and even off lot miles away, close to spawn points for visitors to arrive then teleport instantly to the lot they intend to visit. Cuts down on shoe leather dramatically. May even put shoe manufacturers out of business! :giggle2:

    Certainly the teleport pad system makes stairs, elevators and even doorways somewhat redundant. And it's only a small pad, (versions with or without funky sci-fi special effects.) not a whacking-great-big magical archway. The Magical Archways are somewhat restrictive, that a pair only work together and connect to no other magic archways. My pads are highly versatile and can have several pads all over a lot. Put down one A pad, then as many B pads as you want all over place unrestricted (unlike elevators) so that sims never have to walk more than a few steps ever again to travel vast distances.

    And to also compliment the teleport pad system is one of my all time favorite mods -  https://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/13368-teleportation-command-sim-to-teleport/ 

    (The links to the threads I've given above are only so you can read up on the mods, but the mods there are outdated. Use the most recent versions of the mods in the 1.80 bundle rar thread for pads and 1.86 thread for Command To Teleport mod. One fine day I'll get round to tidying up all these mod threads. We can but dream of perfect days yet to come. 😉)

    Using these teleportation methods combined, along with the Hidden Everywhere Portal, you cannot go wrong for the best in quick sim travel here, there and everywhere.


  10. Hi @helene912

    If referring to the pink crystal for changing outfit types of all sims on the lot in one click, (and alien sims can hide or remove all human disguises from all Sixam alien sims on a lot in one click - very helpful for story telling purposes where aliens want to hide their true identity and can instantly change to disguise en mass if ever a natural human sim comes to visit their home lot, or comes to one of their secret alien parties.) I never did get round to giving that crystal its own individual thread. It will be in the Bundle rar folder from 1.80 uploaded here in General Mods section last October. In game, the crystal is found in build mode Storage section and directly purchased where all the dressers and wardrobes are.

    I don't know if the werewolf patch has made any code changes to clothes/outfit changing that would break the crystal. I doubt it, but I cannot presently confirm.

  11. Over last couple of sessions I'm also seeing random LEs regarding inventory_manager.  Again with random inventory objects across all households, not just the one I'm playing.  "Cause: inventory_manager failed to handle on_all_households_and_sim_infos_loaded due to exception" with other data on LE suggesting "is_object_hidden"

    No idea what that's all about.

    Many of the objects listed as being part of the "inventory problem" are ones I've never modded, nor have mods from other creators that touch them. And given it is so random, that it may not spawn any LEs in a single session, or if it does at start of game after loading, it's never the same inventory object twice, and it's related to all households in the region (apparently) and it's all Maxis stuff I have no mods that alter, I'm guessing Maxis have somehow messed up inventory coding (would not be for the first time) and the game randomly flips out on it.  

    I am currently on game version 1.87, so it's not something brought about in latest patches. And the randomness of when it hits or it doesn't, coupled with the randomness of inventory items reported - never the same ones twice - (Frikken Wall Plaques in the last LE, from a house I wasn't even playing, that don't have any Wall Plaques in inventories - unless one was delivered to their mailbox as a reward  after completing a collection that I forgot to retrieve. WTF?) - I'll not be pulling apart any of my mods to try and get to the bottom of it. This smells like a Maxis mess up. A mailbox inventory (Which is supposed to be hidden, so maybe related to the "is_object_hidden" data in LE) and a wall plaque causing an LE. That definitely isn't anything I've ever modded.

  12. Seems a bit random. Was it just a one-off LE, never to be seen again? Or does it repeat? I mean when you quit game and play next day or something, not same session.

    Is there an Insect Repellent object stored in the Cooler inventory, as Adventurer's Cooler does have its own storage hold? Looking at the LE, it does seem to be suggesting the owner - in this case the Cooler - is holding the object. Not that it's buyable from Cooler's pie menu options, that's a whole other thing, but that it's actually holding an Insect Repellent in its inventory.

    Are you also patched up to date with latest Werewolf patch?

    All my mods that have storage holds are all based on the Sim Inventory storage coding, to ensure that whatever a sim can hold, my objects can also hold. Why it's taken a dislike to Insect Repellent I cannot say. I don't use or alter the coding for things that can be purchased, just make a simple reference to them on the list for stuff to buy. After that it's all Maxis.

    I haven't patched yet to most current level, but let me know if same LE persists over several game sessions. Maybe they have altered something regarding the Sim Inventory coding on Object XMLs that all my storage object mods are going to need updating. Just a guess until I patch and confirm.  

  13. Yeah, I was pretty pee'd off about the last Pronoun patch that broke the game (Typical Maxis.) that had a hotfix a few days later later. I dread Maxis patches, I do. Even the most simplest sounding ones. Ah, Pronouns. Ah, game broken. I just switch off. I don't want to. I want to get stuck in and fix everything, I really do.  But they say patch and I drift off elsewhere, waiting for the fallout to clear, but then I'm involved in something else, so returning later and later and always just in time for their next patch.

    Hand on heart, if I outlive their patches, I will have every mod here fixed. In the meantime, it's a mystery as and when I'll have spare time for TS4 in between their patch bombs and hotfix fallouts. But I'll plug on with the fixes when I can, and I should imagine everything I have updated so far will take a hit with werewolf coding. In a similar way where a previous patch ages ago gave every object that coding so it can be donated for charity, every object is probably going to get the new code for werewolves to destroy it in "rage," seeing that's going to be a main feature for them. Angry and destructive. To be honest, not my cup of tea at all. If that's something they'll be doing often autonomously, it will not be a pack I'll be buying. It does come with an option to turn off werewolves globally, but that's not the point. Autonomous rage destruction with werewolves on, no, no, no. That'll be modded out by someone very soon after, I would bet.

  14. It's for every instance when you're playing a controlled sim visiting anywhere, the family sims left back home steadily quit with the pointless and illogical motive failing. The longer you and your played sim or sims are away, the better they are back home at looking after themselves. Might get a couple of orange/red portraits of sims back home in the early stages, but eventually, and not too long, not a single pip out of them as they are fine forevermore, or for as long as you're away having fun elsewhere. 

  15. Hi RedMallie

    My no fade columns mod is one that I probably, actually definitely, will not be continuing with. Same as my no fade ceiling lights and no fade trees. There is a very talented modder out there who has made a mod that covers it all, "everything" and I enjoy using their no fade mod set that I simply have no need to continue my mods.

    That modder is Mizore Yukii and here's the link to their no fade mod -  https://mizoreyukii.tumblr.com/post/188087358146/no-fade-on-everything

    It's worth Googling this modder to see their other mod projects, some is on MTS as well. One of their mods on MTS is updating Shimrods no fade sim mod, which is also worth having to complement the rest of the no fade set.

    If I'm not mistaken, Mizore Yukii also collaborates with another modder on some projects, and there was some work done on one or two of my outdated mods when I was retired. Worth checking it all out. I highly recommend their work.

    Now if it's just no fade columns alone you're after, I do believe there is a modder on MTS who does this. They started their project on columns a while back, when I was still active, and their mod is pretty much the same way of doing it as I was. They likewise knew you had to edit all eight transitional states of the column, not just the one main state as seen with the platicbox column fade mod from many years ago, otherwise there's no point. And back then, it was another reason for me to have considered abandoning my project, as it would be one less thing for me to do, seeing someone else is doing it the "right" way. I have no idea if this modder continues to update their no fade column project.

    Happy with Mizore Yukii's mods, I need look nowhere else for my no fade effects. Nor do I need to continue maintaining my old no fade mods.    

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