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  1. Hi @cadorno12Once again this mod thread suffers the same issue as the other mod for the elements display case. If you are new to this site then you would not be aware that I have been unable to find the time to update each mod thread individually. My time for things is very limited. But I do try when I can, and not that long ago I did upload a rar bundle folder that contains fixes for many mods. Although that was for the 1.80 patch, I do know that all my mods for objects with purchase options work fine right up to the most recent 1.98 patch. That rar folder is found here -  https://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/15991-all-updated-mods-180/

    Though some mods in that bundle rar are no longer compatible with latest patch, I do know that the objects with purchase options, such as this vase, are fine.

    I'm sorry for any confusion. I understand it's a bit of a mess at present. I am trying to get each mod thread up to date, but it's very slow-going. And for anyone new to what's going on with my mods, I can see how it's a bit daunting. My hope is to clear it all up and get all threads as updated and as organised as they once were, but my time available to do that is limited. Hence I upload the bundle rar folders whenever I can.

    I appreciate your patience, and in time I will have all mod threads in good order, it's just a matter of finding the time to do it.



  2. :cryingalot: A sad day my fellow simmers. My trusted Nvidia 970 (eight years old) died on me last week. It had remained true, determined and faithful right up until its last breath. I'd put it through so many paces, games far more demanding than TS4 (TS4 could have only tickled it at best, the frikken cooler fans didn't even need to run. 😜) but inevitably death comes for us all. But more than a natural death, I'd go as far to suspect murder! That latest Nvidia driver for that 970 model did it in! I'm sure of it! Somebody call the cops! I had not updated the driver since last December, when I got God of War for the PC. Since then, I have not installed any new games, so did not bother with driver updates. But last week, while doing some maintenance on my PC, I thought what the hell, I'll update anyway. My beloved GPU died within hours after the update. Nvidia, you murderers!

    To think, when I first bought that GPU, it came with a free code to get a game, not yet released for another two weeks, called Witcher 3, from a games website called GoG. Never heard of GoG before, but did know of Witcher from the previous Witcher 2 on XBox - though never really played it much.

    So with the new graphics card, I used the code to join a new games website and got a new game. And it was marvelous. Witcher 3, and even GoG, have been mainstays ever since. All the way up to Cyberpunk, the first, the only, and the last game I will ever pre-order. (What a frikken shit show.) Yet my faithful 970 even played the shit out of that, sans Ray Tracing. 🙃

    And now it's gone.

    So it is I had to get a new GPU this week, that just arrived yesterday, and I've been busy today getting that hardware installed and testing all things graphical to make sure it works. So far so good. Heck, even new-fangled Ray Tracing FFS, I'm in with the in-crowd now, baby, not that I care to load up Cyberpunk. That ship has sailed and sunk like the Titanic. Ah well. But I do gotta see what all that Ray Tracing malarkey is all about, so maybe one more voyage with Cyberpunk out of curiosity.

    Anyway, it was all yet another reason to keep me off the PC, playing, modding and updating TS4. Summer holidays coming up soon, so maybe then I'll have more time to clean up mods. Maybe even S4S will also be updated by then to make the fixing go a whole lot more smoother. Heck, maybe even TS4 will get some Ray Tracing wonderment! Bring it on, Maxis, I'm ready to go now.

    Also, as a matter that may be of interest to some. While testing the new graphics card, I did load TS4. Of course all the graphics settings were back to factory default. And even when I set them to the in-game options for best settings, they were still somewhat shit. Especially edge-smoothing on objects, what piece of crap even with Maxis' highest settings. And I remembered I did my own configurations of TS4 settings in the Nvidia control panel, which made the game look superb in comparison, and that was on the old 970. The game looked absolutely shit today with new graphics card, again on the highest in-game Maxis settings. So I again opened the Nvidia panel to adjust and configure settings for my new GPU and tinkered again,  got TS4 back to being very smooth and clear graphically. So just a heads up you can do same if you want the game to look a little (a lot actually) more pretty than the Maxis settings. Really make that edge-smoothing really frikken smooth, that kind of thing. Don't be afraid to experiment. Might bring new visual life to the game for you on something that's always been there for you on your GPU but you never even thought to try.  If you need any advice or guidance on how to configure individual game graphics on you GPU control panels, just let me know. Easy peasy, and in most cases when you do, lovely results in the game. Isn't that the whole point of having a decent graphics card on a PC? That's why we never go back to consoles once we go PC. That, and all those juicy mods console users can't have. :giggle2: 

    Happy simming folks. And never forget to show your faithful GPUs some occasional love. You never know when they gotta go. (Nvidia, you murderers!) 

  3. It's fine in my game and I'm fully patched to date. Make sure you are using the remade standalone version as described in opening post. Do not use the Maxis original version, as that one is not modded and does not have the extra purchase option features.

    Edit - Ooops, my bad. I did update it about a year ago when Maxis changed the coding for the purchase mechanic. All of my objects with purchase features needed same fix and I thought I uploaded all fixed mods to their respective threads. This one slipped through the net. (I think I did have it on this site in a bundle rar with all the fixed things, but that rar is now gone.) I have now uploaded the working version to this thread so please download again.   

  4. Hi all. Just checking in to let you know I haven't abandoned things. Updates on mods still pending, just waiting for S4S to be updated to current patch level and to include compatibility with latest Kit stuff. It hasn't been updated since March, so trying to extract latest 1.97 game files in my patched game would be a bit squiffy, stuff will be missing here and there from those extracted files, plus any Kit stuff would simply be ignored as current S4S is "unaware" they even exist. Ergo some mod updates might not be in best shape if I attempt to fix anything now, only to have to re-fix when S4S is 1.97/Kit compatible and I extract the files all over again. No thanks. Best I just wait till S4S is good to go and all things tally up right.

  5. I've taken a look at this painting mod. It does need fixing. It'd be best if I just remake the mod rather than update existing one. There are too many new code line additions Maxis have added throughout each xml, too much faffing to add new code lines to each old xml, just extract fresh xmls and make my original, more simpler change to each would be better. I'll get on that soon.

  6. I would very much like to do some on/off autonomy on computers, seeing as the personalizing options to ban other users isn't worth a damn during lot load. Locked computers remain a free for all until after lot is loaded and user rules are finally allowed in play. (Same lazy dev crap for buyable Reward Store Traits the game totally ignores until after lot load. So that things like a Never Hungry Trait sim will still have their hunger bar reduced anyway during lot load mechanics. Thank god Maxis do not work on strategy games like Stellaris, where an earned buff is expected to be be in play ALL THE TIME, lest a battle or war can be lost. Lazy Maxis. Could lose an entire battle fleet during lot load if it were them nitwits behind the coding development. Yeah, if Maxis did EVE Online there'd soon be real world murders. But they're doing online sims for Sims 5, so there may yet be some real world bloodshed soon enough. 😜 "I gave my online sim a new Trait to say no Romance or WooHoo, but they still got pregnant anyway to that other online stalker perv sim during lot load." Yeah, real world murders incoming!) Sorry for tangent, back to the computer topic. I do intend to make many things on computer on/off, as well as properly lock down the lock out functions, as the on/off mod will do that successfully, even during lot load. But I'm waiting for Maxis to quit patching the game. Computers have a gazillion interactions already, and no doubt Maxis will keep adding to them. Computers are their go-to object to keep adding more shit to. And I'll be damned if I'm going to have to fix hundreds of computer XML files after every other patch. Best wait till Maxis finally do an Elvis and leave the building forevermore.

    Though I will be posting an update of this mod soon as there are more on/off items added to the list.

    Edit - Also, regarding the Grills, I do have an outdated no autonomy mod on this site for all cooking objects. I will be scrapping that mod, should take it off the site if I can remember to do it, but I really should get round to making those objects with the on/off functionality. I'll certainly try to do that in near future. 

  7. Nothing to report here other than DO NOT Patch game yet. New Maxis bug, (FFS! MAXIS YOU TWITS) that will scrunch up and contort your sims faces, even turning eyes upside down ffs! Patching and playing now, especially saving, means your sims can be permanently stuck with this new, horrid look even after Maxis hotfix. If they even hotfix.

    I'm still too busy sorting any 1.96 updates, all my old active career mods, while also side-tracked making a new mod to give all older age groups any missing Milestones they never got because they may never have been infants, toddlers or children. Why should they miss out? Plus with the kids I am trying to teach how to ride a bike, it is taking forever for them to learn and I'm just fed up not knowing how much longer it's going to take. Life's too damn short. So let's have a mod where you can give all milestones to whomever you choose. Harder than usual to make such a mod, as there are no in game debug cheats to do this. None that I can find. It seems Maxis did not bother with debug cheats for milestones, so I'm going to have to improvise.

  8. Hi @MrluigibearI'm glad it's all working good for you now. It is such a better feeling to the game after suffering so long with the simulation lag and finally getting it to ease up a bit. Can I ask which TS version of this mod you are using. I like to build a general idea of which version is most popular and works best for most users.

    In regards to your question regarding donations, I don't personally take any. But I do appreciate your consideration. However, this great website does rely on donations to survive, so if you are still willing, you could contribute. See this link for more details -  https://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/topic/2-tfms-sims-asylum-donations/


    Happy trash and dishes simming

  9. Using Srslysims simulation lag mod with this one is your problem. Firstly they will conflict as they alter the same files. And secondly, I can understand if you did not read the original "technical" explanation I wrote for this mod, it is rather long-winded and now hidden away in a spoiler tab so as not to overwhelm, but therein I note that the Srslysim script mod causes the very problems with dishes and trash (multi-part autonomy interactions) you have described, and is the very reason I made this version to evade those problems.

    (Did you put this mod in the Overrides Folder? Because if so it should have overridden the Srslysism mod, so that it would not have loaded into your game and cause the dishes/trash multi-part autonomy problems you are having. Not unless you put that mod in the Overrides Folder, too? Ouch, that would seriously confuse the poor game.)

    Use one or the other, not both. And if opting for my version, place it in Overrides Folder for best results. (I also noted that if a player fails or rejects to use the Overrides Folder for this mod, then it's not worth making reports to me if mod is not working correctly, as this mod only works correctly for me when in an Overrides Folder, and I cannot imagine anyone else's game would be any different than mine in that regard.)

    The Turbodriver simulation lag mod works fine with this one as they work on different aspects of the game, they do not attempt to fix the same things, not even close. Again I have explained the differences between the two on main post.


  10. Experimenting with the version won't cause any long term side effects or world time to run out of sync. In game the changes between similar versions, (TS8,TS16) might seem minimal, if noticed at all, if your world and play style are too similar throughout. For instance if you always have the same number of sims allowed on any given lot. Community lots always have the same amount of things to do, same amount of sims to do them. Not much experimenting to be had there, nor seeing any noticeable difference. But if you had most community lots at 20 sims (default number)  but one modded to have larger like 50, 60 sims or higher, then you could put these mod variations through their paces and get noticeably different results, of course also depending on your computer specs as well. As in these mods won't be helping a low end potato laptop perform sudden miracles.

    With MC slower world time, there is always a chance of things flowing out of sync, more so when newly implementing a slower (or faster) than default world time in a long standing save game. For as long as MC has had the function, I've learned the lesson way back when that if you're going to change world time, then do it right from the get go of a new world save, before any sims have ever left home to go to any jobs/schools, before you've even given them such things, then it pretty much stays in sync with work time schedules and such thereafter.

    Though I did discover a long time ago, in an older world save I no longer even have, when world time was slower and work time was way out of sync, that setting world time to be vastly, ridiculously faster, play for five minutes, save quit, then reset time back to the preferred slower world time, everything went back in sync. I think I even documented the experiment here on this site somewhere.

    My current world save, I've had close to two years now, it all runs in sync with world time being on 75 (X3 Slower than default) and that was because it was set from the get go, before a single sim had left their home to travel anywhere, before that world and its sims had yet to run for a minute of life.   

  11. Just like my toddler mods from few years back, I feel a similar batch of infants mods coming in near future. Basically making sims leave infants alone. The mod for toddlers that gives them my hidden trait "needs no attention," has always been a great help to stop all that busying, helicopter parenting nonsense, and I just updated it for infants as they too have same attention motive. So far so good in testing.

    Personally I think Maxis are giving young people a terrible idea of parenting - can't leave the toddlers and infants alone for five minutes, always gotta be busying at them - that some of the younger players may take as lessons for real life behavior and totally mess up their real kids in later life by constantly fussing over them and feeling guilty if not being overzealously attentive. 

    Bring back those sims who could happily drop down those newborns outside in the snow and just leave them there. Okay, that's going from one extreme to the next. Doesn't Maxis know how to create the middle ground.  

  12. Hi @heaven6397I'm glad this mod has made such a difference to your gaming experience. I do remember when it first made a difference for me, it was of that same life changing feeling to the game. Really, the difference between night and day. (Actually did bring a tear to my eye at the time.) Though I am curious, what version of the mod did you opt for? It's nice to build a bigger picture of all this for those who might be sitting on the fence about the benefits of this mod - all the versions of it - and what effects it can have overcoming the horrid simulation lag the default game is plagued with.

  13. Not a bug, per se. The coding is correct. Just a stupid implementation for the crib, that the sim has to be standing in a certain spot to upgrade, and that spot is right in the corner where it would be up against walls. And again for playing the mobile lullaby tunes. Like if this same idiot dev put the same thing on stereos, you'd have route fails just trying to turn on music.

    Human error is everywhere and we're all prone to it. But in this case the dev is an idiot because the most minimum of play testing their crib interactions would have shown them that adding the "constraints" to the upgrade interaction and play lullaby interaction was bad juju. Play testing they did no such thing - like so much over so many packs - ergo idiots. I've no qualms insulting them after nine years of this same shit.   

  14. Hi all. Yes, I do have plenty more older mods to be checking for 1.96 patch. But I hit upon something in game tonight that made my blood boil. The sheer idiocy! I'm sure that when most of us are building and designing a child, toddler and now infant bedroom, there is a very high probability that we're going to place the bed, and now crib, up against a wall. Perhaps even into a corner space, so then up against two walls. Extremely normal, yes? And hey look at this, we can upgrade cribs to have a mobile toy to entertain the infant. And the mobile toy can play one of five very nice little tunes. Really nice touch, Maxis. Really nice touch.

    So can somebody please explain to me the choice of the Maxis fuckwit who made it so you cannot upgrade the crib if it's up against a wall. The fucking thing needs to be in the center of a room otherwise route fails galore. But more importantly, much more annoyingly, why I cannot get any of the tunes to play on the mobile because of fucking route fails again if crib is up against a wall? The person who did that at Maxis, you are a bloody idiot.

    I have removed the stupid fucking shit. Now Upgrade Crib from anywhere, play tunes from anywhere, no more fucking route fails because crib is up against a wall or in a corner where 99.99% of us would have placed it originally. Fucking idiots Maxis.

    I see on the EA app and on Sims 4 Main Page after loading game, they are looking for Play Testers for The Sims. Fuck me, it's about time! (Paradox got them bucking up their ideas methinks) Not Game Testers, that kind of thing requires some coding knowledge and the like, just Play Testers, as in just playing the game and spotting faults, poorly implemented stuff and what not. Go apply for the job, please somebody. Lots of you, go apply. No more untested game stupidity, please. Let EA pay you for a while.

    Okay, I'm calm, rant over, mod does the job, stupid crib route fails removed. All is good.


    cool1_object_Crib_Upgrade&PlayLullabyFromAnywhere_FFSMaxis!.rar - New for 1.96


    Happy simming and crib upgrading/mobile tune playing. 

  15. Well, I simply had to risk jumping into the game for a quick check, knowing full well I'll probably be hit with LEs from mods I've yet to check, some mine, some from other creators. And indeed, got a few LEs as expected. But I won't let that bother me too much until after I've checked and updated all mods. But I wanted to see if two mods were working, this mod and the unhidden traits mod.

    So, as I suspected, this mod is working fine, seeing Maxis did not change any of the code. Played that new family from the EP video and tested infants in the bath, nappy change on table and breastfeeding and there is no censor blur for any of it. Repeat, no censor blur at any stage when anyone in the family used bath, showers and also whatever stuff they did with infants. Mod is working as it should. I suspect Maxis have coded infants in the core files to use the same blur that is for toddlers, hence mod works on infants even though Maxis made no new code for infants on the XML this mod uses. So I'm happy with it, seen it with my own eyes, confirmed all works fine. Case closed.

    But I do have a lot of other LEs to go get sorted out. Grrrr. Bloody biggest patches ever!!! Akkk!

  16. Akkk! I'm half asleep over here, operating on fumes. When updating mod earlier, I removed older mod from this thread and only went and replaced it with... the same frikken older mod.

    Only two downloads, but whoever did get those two, scrap them and download again. This time the updated one.  Right, I'm done for the day, knackered and off to bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard. 

  17. And, of course, could we expect anything less? A hotfix patch today to address issues with the biggest patch ever. Bye, bye tooth fairy, they have now deactivated the new feature of kids loosing teeth as it will cause the kid's skin color, hair and eye color to change when they do. AND YOU DIDN'T SPOT THAT IN TESTING?! But of course, Maxis are speshul and exempt and don't do testing because they believe we pay for the privilege to do it for them. Well, if they don't want Paradox to kill off this last half of Maxis, they better buck up their incompetent shit real quick, wouldn't you say? Clock's ticking now.

    And the file size of the simple deactivation hotfix patch is suspiciously high. Like they're fixing a few other things they failed to spot in their fictional game testing, but don't want to mention in the hotfix notes to prevent them looking like worse nitwits. I wouldn't worry about that, Maxis. You hit rock bottom a long time ago. Just be honest, eh.

    Right, I'm off to youtube to watch LGRs latest EP review. Should be fun. 

  18. Update March 2023 - 1.96 - It's been a while since I wrote anything in this mod thread. I had been adding any updated versions of this mod to a bundle rar these past few years. But it's time to be more tidy and use its own thread again, and also update the description here to highlight any notable changes. Firstly the hidden trait for plain, normal human occult needed the new INFANT tag added, otherwise infants won't be seen as human - ouch. Now they will be. Yay! Also added many more hidden traits from several patches and packs over the last few years, so plenty more explained traits with actual names and better icons to find in the trait list now. Also removed a lot of "NPC only" tags various special NPCs Maxis has given us over the years. Doing this so that you can actually move them into a home to play with them, work on them in Cas or whatever, and they won't lose their special NPC status or special jobs or be replaced by another sim. I can't guarantee I've done all of those special NPC types, so save game before you move them into a house just in case. And keep in mind some of those NPCs are more trouble than they're worth to try and play with normally or regularly. But if you just want to edit them a bit here and there before making them homeless again, this mod will help you do that. Though if you try with a special NPC and it does break their job, let me know which one I missed and I'll add it to this mod.

  19. hi @BlueFenix

    Thanks for the report. I'll look into it. Could well be a hidden trait or two in this mod somewhere that's supposed to cover all ages, so just needs the new >INFANT< tag code added in with all other ages on the tag list. Sounds the most likely reason.

    Can I ask what trait the infant has? What I mean is, have you given them a hidden trait's that been in the game a long time. Not a new trait from the new pack or patch, as this mod won't have them anyway. Something older, perhaps an occult trait? Help me narrow down the search for which hidden trait types in the mod need updates, as there are a great many in this mod. 

  20. Ah, but that is a feature. I did rework it a while back to be so godlike on plants. So that it would convert a freshly planted seedling into a fertilized, healthy, fully mature plant in full bloom, laden with produce almost instantaneously. Nothing left to do but talk to the plant.  And since they don't even really need that, - more for the sim than the plant - then not even that left to do.

    My only issue with it currently is that it has no effect on the plants from Cottage Living. It's on my list of things to look into. Can't say when I'll get the chance, but when I do I'll look into making a version more like the original and not so godlike potent.       


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