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  1. Doing the rounds. It's been a while since I've hopped in, glad to be back though! :D

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    2. Katelinjens


      It is wonderful to see you back here! :)

    3. michalien


      Glad you're back.

    4. Firestaar1


      Glad you were able to hop in!

  2. Woo! Done with class for the week! then one week of class, then finals! it's crunch time!

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    2. michalien


      Glad for you TFM.

    3. Rosewin


      All the best to you Minion. May your brain not over heat and may none of the knowledge leak out of your ears. *thumbs up*

    4. TFMsMinion


      That is the main concern. I've been trying to take time to de-stress in between and make sure i don't burn out. That month off can't come soon enough though lol.

  3. A friend of mine is in need of assistance for one of her furry family members, so please at least spread the word for this fundraiser https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/f192/mendthetuxie

  4. *Is excited for the surprise he will be unveiling with TFM* >__>

  5. Request list is Empty, If anyone wants to make requests now is the time to do it. (within the next week or two) After the contest ends i will be working on making the winner's prizes (their requested sims) so please, if you have a request, do so soon so i am not swamped :D

    1. nixicole


      Or just say "no" if you're busy. We'll still think you're nice and know you're awesome! And the cure for stress is chocolate!

  6. Woo! Gonna make some sims (Gotta practice for the contest winners! :D )

  7. 3 Moar Days!! :D

    1. The ISZ

      The ISZ

      *runs around like a head with her chicken cut off. XD

  8. Exactly 7 days! Mwahahahaha!!!

  9. 8 days and counting down! :D

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    2. The ISZ

      The ISZ

      I'm excited beyond belief. :D

    3. Katelinjens


      ISZ, I imagine you are counting the days and hours too! :)

    4. TFMsMinion


      I've been counting the days since.the 10th, actually (that was the official countdown start date, though i've been looking at my calendar for weeks going "come on october 20th! hurry uuuup! in this really whiny voice.XD)

  10. Going to make my Snape sim today as requested, stay tuned people!

    1. Nellas


      WOO! I can't wait to drool.er.see him!!


  12. Thor and Jack posted, looks like my list is empty! :D

  13. My request list is now empty, open to submissions!

  14. My request list is now open for business again, so whenever you need something just wave my direction. :D

  15. New Sim up guys! James La'Roux is currently in Minion's Safehouse!

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