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  1. If anyone needs TS4 starter lots, I went a bit overboard the last days and got a bunch of them uploaded to the gallery. And one or two bigger lots too. XD


  2. Looks like we might be back y’all!!

  3. Welp, finally got the TS4 Jungle Adventure pack for Christmas. See you in Selvadorada!

    1. Ethyrdude


      I ended up getting Jungle Adventure last week and I'm a bit disappointed with the actual content play wise even compared to Outdoor Retreat. After a week I can honestly say I am done, the temple has been explored numerous times, and all the places were unlocked although I noticed that you cannot unlock all of them at the same time, to save computer resources?

      If you compare this to World Adventures in Sims 3 (Okay, if you compare anything to sims 3 for that matter) Jungle adventure is a facade at best. Sure you get a few new places to explore but omg, there's so little to do. One temple and a few lots and that's it. The food part is okay but just as tedious as eating the different foods in City Living and while I haven't tried all, I imagine the reward is the same, in other words, no reward. And don't get me started on "buying supplies".

      I do hope you get more out of it than I did but for me it's a "meh".

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