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  1. *cries with relief* I managed to send that Error 12 back where it came from with some super google-fu. I reeeally hope changing the virtual memory paging file sizes isn't going to jack my computer up - but I was able to save!

    1. bluegenjutsu


      Thanks for that info, nixicole! I recently lost all saves for a game I'd been playing because error 12 wouldn't let me save any of them. My fault though for not quitting before I tried saving them all.

    2. RedMallie


      Good for you, Nixicole! Yes, both Windows and TS3 use a lot of virtual memory and fight for it when they can, hehehe. Allocating more than the recommended memory is wise.

    3. nixicole


      I know about CW's editing the game file to allow more, but I didn't know anything about pagefiles until this.