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  1. My lovely daughter is celebrating her 26 birthday today! I'm so happy for her.

    1. michalien
    2. jenniferw23


      Give her my best birthday wishes. Hope she has a great day.

    3. Rosewin


      Hope she had a great day Inicial.

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  2. The house is clear now. Finaly. After fixing windows we have to repaint all rooms and redocorate a living room and kichen. Couldn't take one more day.

    1. Rosewin


      I know the feeling, just finishing off my kitchen now.

    2. jenniferw23


      I know the feeling from past experience and that's enough to make me shudder. The result always makes it worthwhile, though.

  3. for two days now windows masters (not OS) occupied my flat. I can hardly reach to my PC. It makes me sad. ;-)

  4. I was sick, badly butrecovered.Thanks all who miss me, if any ;-)

    1. Katelinjens


      I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Welcome back!

    2. michalien
    3. Cloudwalker


      glad you're better! (I did read this as you were buttercovered.)

      I need new glasses, or to wear the ones I have.

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  5. Rain! Finally! If the heaven will add it fog and smell of the forrrest I'll be happiest of all!!

    1. jvrd12


      glad it's raining there. I love me some rain, too!

    2. Katelinjens


      So glad to hear that you got your rain. We were to get some today but we didn't. Hope it comes tomorrow!

  6. I might be slow but eventualy will reach the goal

    1. jvrd12


      let's not forget the story "The Tortoise and the Hare." :)

    2. Firestaar1


      Part of the fun in life is learning new things :)