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    The Sims series is one of them. otherwise I wouldn't be here, would I? :) other interests include Tomb Raider, Doritos and Taylor Swift. and no, I'm not a 12 year old girl nor do I think she is the best singer in the world.
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  1. 103 new notifications. btw, hope you all had/are having a good Easter! :)

    1. Rosewin


      Happy Easter to you Jvrd12. It was a good one here yesterday.

  2. a dude mounted on a horse just passed by, across the street from my bedroom window. 2013, this better be a sign of things to come.

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    2. Sleepycat
    3. Rosewin


      I take it, it was a good view?

    4. jvrd12


      lol! it was odd since I hadn't seen a horse in ages, especially in our street.

  3. well, my mom loved the bday gifts I gave her, so that was a nice start of a day. :)

    1. bluegenjutsu


      I hope your mom has a great birthday!

    2. jvrd12


      thanks, she did!

  4. she said "te amo," won't somebody tell me what she said?

  5. obsessed with that "Let's Have a Kiki" song.

  6. took out all of the mods I use for a bit and noticed that the savegame loading time was almost twice the time it would have been with all the mods I use in. it's crazy.

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    2. jvrd12


      God knows what the game is doing in that time.

    3. Nellas


      Being naughty XD

    4. wendylady


      ya me too, but I all so have big town famliy. I run the save file thou dcf every few days.

  7. good things did come out of Twilight after all. Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years," parts 1 and 2. imo.

  8. has anyone else noticed that Sims' Hunger bar no longer gets full after eating a meal? or does one of the mods from here, that I'm only now trying out, do that?

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    2. MadameButterfly


      Mine stopped just shy of being full after eating something the butler made. I can't remember what it was. I had her eat an apple to top her off.

    3. jvrd12


      yes. that is what I mean. it used to get completely full. now it gets at about 80% full if they were "Very Hungry." it is better for them to eat twice a day, though. I used to usually have my Sim only eat one full meal a day since it would only mess with his food schedule/routine (it made him not be hungry in the morning).

    4. jvrd12


      wait, that didn't make a lot of sense. I meant that eating a full meal at night before going to bed made him not be hungry in the morning. x)

  9. they would have Katy Perry do an interview for Seasons when she has nothing to do with it. the only thing in that interview that was about Seasons was the logo on the background. at least she mentioned that Sims can have any hair colour they want. for the fifth time.

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    2. Cohzaku


      The only contract that should be associated with that.thing.is the kind you make with a licensed killer.

    3. Wolfenblu


      LOL Cohzaku, I would say you can say that again, but you did!

    4. jvrd12


      lol! now, now. let's not wish death upon anyone. and well, the contract should have just been for and expansion and a stuff pack then. EA will be losing money now if they keep doing these lame interviews. I bet she only played the base game like once in her lifetime anyway. if at all. oh, well. it's their problem now.

  10. meanwhile on Twitter, "Similar to you: Perez Hilton" Dx

  11. is anyone here Irish? I'm loving Irish people right now.

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    2. Firestaar1


      I'm a heintz 57, however my irish blood runs deeper than the rest, and my looks favor the irish- red hair, green eyes, and fair skin

    3. esjai


      I'm 1/8 Irish, but like Fire my Irish blood runs deeper than the rest. I have the fair skin, too. And my new tattoo is Gaelic.

    4. jvrd12


      well, quite a few people here have some Irish roots then. I'm delighted!

  12. nope, I wouldn't get a fever on a school day. I would get a fever on a day I get to stay home and relax.

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    2. MadameButterfly
    3. Twoftmama


      I hope you feel better soon!

    4. jvrd12


      thanks, I'm better now. just a minor cough still.

  13. my cat just came to sit on my bed next to me and keeps licking my arm every now and then. I guess she thinks I need a shower, even though I already took one.

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    2. Rosewin


      Mine just stares me down and tells me to keep away from her Winnie!

    3. jvrd12


      haha, sounds like your cat is very territorial. :)

    4. Rosewin


      She loves her man!

  14. mayze grobe, la la, don't understand a single word but this song is so catchy, mayze grobe, la la la.