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  1. Sims 4 are up. I'm so happy that I can play Sims at all. After I learn how to ply the game, a new Simtopia will arise. The world will tremble :)

    1. Eliza


      Shivers, why does that frigten me? LOL Just slightly saddened that I don't have a Sims4 Sim for you to add to your mele, ah well, look forward to seeing it just the same. good luck!!

    2. michalien


      Thanks Eliza. I just spent last hour and half learning to "move around" in the new game and practicing "how to's". I just need few more days and will be ready for a new Simtopia. So far S4 was so stable and I had no crushing, freezings, or/and any other complications. I'm thrilled that I can play Sims at all.

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