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  1. Hey @coolspear thanks for getting back to me!

    I like my rotational play since I have a lot of characters in my neighbourhoods and have aging/NS off for the played sims but each to their own on that front!

    When I check the motives whenever it's happened, all motives have been in the green and the vampire energy bar is over 75% full so I'm not totally sure what could be causing it. To check I'll probably have to go back into MCCC and re-enable autonomous toilet use and see what actually happens. I even tried using the 'Make Happy' option in MC Cheats to max all the motives and that didn't seem to help either.

    Unfortunately my experience with mods isn't much more beyond installing them, updating and making sure there's no conflicts XD But honestly it wouldn't surprise me if there was some weird Maxis thing being fucky lol

  2. Have you ever done a mod that stops vampires from autonomously using toilets or not? Because I had a time where my vampire sims would literally NOT STOP USING THE TOILET despite having no bladder need and so far my quick n' dirty solution has involved using the autonomy scan built into MCCC to turn off autonomous toilet use for ALL sims so it has resulted in some peed pants but it's more preferable to having my vampire sims stomp their queue to just go use the loo over and over when it's unnecessary.

  3. I do have a mod that stops sims autonomously playing games on the computer. Will this mod conflict in any way? (Because if that mod wasn't there I'd never get them to stop playing games XD)


    It is supposed to can a few other things but the main reason I got it was to stop the autopilot continually making my sims play games XD If it does then I'll have to see if I can locate another mod that doesn't conflict.

  4. I had problems with the original mod that was supposed to have human drinks barred to vampires since yes, it barred them from the human drinks but didn't let them drink the drinks they were allowed, plus whenever my sims went out to drink, the human sims got slapped with all the uncomfortable modifiers!


    I will give this new version a try and hope it actually works as expected! Thank you for this!

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