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    reading, music, family, outdoor activities, environmental and women's issues (although, actually, ALL issues are women's issues)
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Sims traits include bookworm, virtuoso (I wish), flirty, hopeless romantic, great kisser (I hope), loves the outdoors, athletic, friendly, brave (sometimes), coward (usually), nurturing, family oriented, good sense of humor, eco-friendly, and vegetarian. I definitely am NOT neat, frugal, handy, or natural cook. I might claim so if I knew my husband would never read this. He'd die laughing and I want him around awhile.

I love classical, classical guitar, and country/country rock. I play guitar, but not so much as I used to -- don't like keeping my nails short (did I include "vain" among my traits?).

I read a lot: mysteries, romance, politics, nature. I'm pretty much a girly-girl but do love to hike and backpack. And no "about me" would be complete without admitting I do have a lot of clothes. But NOT, as my husband claims, clothes I've never even worn. Finally, there's nothing I'd rather be than a wife and mother.

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