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  1. Chucked a bunch of sliders after my random CAS sims came out like some kind of horror show freaks. One sim didn't even have her feet touching the floor. 0_O

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    2. Jenn


      I took out my height sliders. I still need to get rid of my arm length and head size ones. I am tired of the freakshows that have been appearing lately.

    3. Nyxie


      Ugh the feet are still being weird, gonna have to pull out all my cc and figure out wth is wrong.

    4. Great8Girl


      I have that problem too; I spend a good 1 to 2 hours in CAS, and then in game all of my Sims outfits are messed up or the poor things don't have any feet. The latter seems to be really prominent with inactives though. Reading all these makes me wonder if I should take out my arm and height sliders, lol

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