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  1. It's been so long since I've played Sims I had to Google how to open the cheat window.

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    2. Firestaar1


      OOH! Nyxie! *tackle hugs* Good to see you again too!!

    3. Wolfenblu



      Yeah I had a senior moment the other day when I was trying to remember how to give instant skills to new adult characters

    4. Nyxie
  2. I'm still alive and around, went on vacation and have been super busy. I'm sorry for not saying anything!

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    2. Kivak


      Good to see you thanks for stopping by

    3. Sleepycat
    4. Katelinjens


      It is so nice to have you back with us! *hugs*

  3. Been so busy the last few days, I have a ton to catch up on here!

    1. Katelinjens


      You think you will ever really catch up all way?

    2. Nyxie


      Hopefully. I will admit I don't read the threads for mods, but I try to read everything else.

  4. Two people, just meeting, barely touching each other, Two spirits, greeting, tryna carry each further

  5. Oh, Sims 2, I have missed you so much. Feels so good to be back in my old long running, no lagging, no freezing, multi-generation families, going for months and months, neighborhood.

    1. eclipsse


      Hmmm - now that you mention it, Nyxie, that sounds like a very good idea!*runs off to unearth the TS2 disks and old computer*

    2. Wolfenblu


      YAY!!! For Sims2

      I actually might play today, of course that is all I have sims2. But it has been Months since I played!

      Kivak is trying to build Moonie's grandparents house, it is a monster!

  6. I like that my kids like Dinosaur Train, but if I have to hear Buddy say "hypotheses" one more time I may jump off a bridge.

  7. Ice is forming on the tips of my wings, Unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything, No navigator to find my way home, Unladened, empty and turned to stone

  8. Teaching myself to sew.

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    2. Signy


      Wishing you non-bleeding fingers.

    3. Kimi


      Sewing can be fun! Take your time. :)

    4. jenniferw23


      Sit down; breathe deeply; and have a glass of wine. The feeling will go away. Always works for me.

  9. It's a sick sick world, I'll be your medicine, so come and take me, take me, I'll make you feel better

  10. I want to love you, don't know if I can, I want to give you one more chance, Forgiveness, it comes so slow, All is so uncertain, Everything is unknown

  11. So you no longer care if there's another day, I guess I have been there, I guess I am there now, You knew what you wanted and you fought so hard, Just to find yourself sitting in a golden cage

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    2. Nyxie


      They are actually song lyrics, but her passing is incredibly sad. We were lucky to have someone as wise as her on this Earth for a time.

    3. Cloudwalker


      WHAT? I've been living under a ROCK! Maya died? ohhhh man

    4. Nyxie


      Yes, just yesterday.

  12. Bought my son a praying mantis egg case.

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    2. Nyxie


      We have ours in a hatching container thing with gel in the bottom. As soon as they hatch we're going to release them in the back yard.

    3. Cohzaku


      Thinking of getting one for my terrarium. :D

    4. Nyxie


      The place I bought it from hatched theres in a planted terrarium, I thought of you right away.

  13. It was way past midnight, And she still couldn't fall asleep, This night the dream was leaving, She tried so hard to keep

  14. My husband has two job interviews this week!

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    2. nixicole


      ^All these. :)

    3. veiledstar


      Best of luck to him!

    4. Nyxie


      Oh my goodness, thank you all! I'll let you know how things go, one is Thursday and the other Friday.

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