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  1. Who turned the outside thermostat down? -4C here!

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    2. ClearaMorph


      It’s -1 here in Canada, with a snowfall warning on my Weather Network App. Get the supplies you need and the flashlights and or candles and lighter and generator and gas ready, just in case. We had a blackout at night last time we got a big dump.

    3. eclipsse


      Kimi - will fuzzy cats do? both of them are curled up with me at the moment!

    4. Kimi


      Sure, as long as they move around to keep your whole body warm. :P

  2. Two cats, one lap = Catstack! Now having difficulty reaching the keyboard. Guess that's my productivity over for the day!

    1. Klinn


      Heh - "CatStack" when you're lying on the couch = Help! I can't get up!

    2. nixicole


      Hehehe. Worth it, though.

    3. RedMallie


      MY brother gave me a worktable for the lap for those "catstack" moments. No use. Kitty crawls in between me and table, hehehehe!!!

  3. I have a week to make one of the biggest decisions of my life.

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    2. Katelinjens


      Good luck in making your decision!

    3. Kivak


      Good luck making it

    4. eclipsse


      Thanks all. It's a bit scary, but I have to decide between following my dreams and security, and friends and family are completely split about it!

  4. Finally finished installing all work-programs onto new monster laptop, which means - time to install TS3. Yay!

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    2. eclipsse


      Locally made machine - the company make them specifically for graphic intensive jobs. I looked at an Alienware as well but aside from the pretty case it had nothing that this didn't and was almost double the price!

    3. Cloudwalker


      Alienware pfft ya I have a massive system, able to run a small city

    4. eclipsse


      Just the superpatch, CC and mods to go - so I should be up and playing next weekend!

  5. Trying to decide which truffles to make for Christmas - should I go for classics (Champagne, ginger, pralines etc) or something a little more adventurous? Hmmm

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    2. Signy


      That's something I need to learn to do some day.

    3. eclipsse


      I'll pm you my recipe if you'd like.

    4. Signy


      That would be awesome. Thank you so much.

  6. Running out of ideas on things to do with apples.

  7. Woohoo! Computer is working again!

    1. michalien
    2. eclipsse


      Thanks - no computer for nearly a month - realised just how much I rely on the stupid thing! Like your new profile pic, by the way - very tall, dark & handsome!

    3. michalien


      A month? I was once without it for more then a month, I thought I will die.

      Thanks for the compliments bout my avatar.

  8. Big decision to make in the next week. really wish I could jump forward a year or so and know if it is the right one!

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