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  1. Happy Birthday Kimi, hope you have a super day!

    1. Kimi


      Thank you so much! I'm going to do my best. 

  2. NOTE! Everyone needs to read the rules. The creators on this forum will update soon. They will have posts for the updates. Refrain from asking. Thanks.

  3. If you have a minute, please read the "Forum Stuff!" post. Thanks. :)

  4. Two days ago it was 80+ today, snowing. Welcome to Saint Louis.

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    2. RedMallie
    3. aparkison


      We've had similar crazy weather patterns where I'm at in Indiana.

    4. Chaavik


      Kansas City is like that too. It would be warm one day and freezeing the next day. My poor dog couldn't decide to wear a sweater outside or not.

  5. Happy New Year! Have a fantastic weekend.

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    2. Kimi


      Booze for sure! Heading to the neighbors/friends house tonight so it will be a walking event. :)

      Happy New Year, Rose!

    3. Shonie


      Working all weekend. Happy Happy everyone. :loveshower:

    4. Kimi


      Well boo! But have a great New Year! :smilebambol:  << I just like that little guy.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! 

  7. As a reminder to everyone, please read the rules. All of our modders are working their hardest to get their mods updated. Please do not ask them in their posts if a mod will be updated. They WILL let you know. Thanks!!

  8. Remember that the status updates are just that, a quick update on you. It's not for questions or requests.

  9. I'm having issues seeing the site. I know that there was an update so I'll be patient. I've cleared my browsing history and cache and still I get the same result.

    1. arathea


      If you see some glibberish, just scroll down a bit.

    2. Kimi


      Thank you :)

  10. Where's that hug button when you need it? TFM, this one's for you. *hug*

    1. Twoftmama


      Awwww! Thank you! *hug*

    2. Kimi


      You're welcome. You made me happy yesterday with an action and this is the only way that I knew to let you know. :)

    3. Twoftmama


      I have no idea what I did but I'm glad I made you happy!

  11. I'm downloading Fallout 4! I keep chanting, go go go! It's not helping. :)

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    2. Klinn


      Don't worry, it will become second nature soon enough!

    3. Kimi
    4. Kimi


      I switched things up a bit and got an XBox One controller for Windows. I hope it makes it easier.

  12. Taxes done and filed! Thank goodness.

    1. RedMallie


      Phew!!! Great!!! :D

  13. No matter your religious or political leanings, #prayforparis

  14. Psst. Excuse me please. I was just wondering if anyone has seen where I might have placed my vodka.

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    2. Firestaar1


      *hides mostly empty bottle behind back* *Hic*

    3. Kimi


      Thank you Nixicole! Fire, at least you picked up the good stuff. I only drink Grey Goose. :)

    4. Katelinjens


      I am glad you found your vodka. I was afraid one of my two pool boys took off with it!

  15. Nellas is awesome. End.

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    2. nixicole
    3. Trif


      Do I need to blush now? <vbeg> Of course she is!

    4. Kimi


      Go ahead and blush! :P