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  1. I'm back. What a busy/crazy/news filled time to have a heart attack. Went to the hospital monday, finally home today, thursday!

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    2. Jenn



      I hope you're feeling better.

    3. SimJymm


      Thanks all! Went to see my cardiologist today (Monday) and he said things look good, having me come back in three months for an Echocardiogram. Doing cardio therapy next week. He said the part of my heart that was affected was the same spot that I had my heart attack 14 years ago. hmmm. Right now my biggest issue is getting use to the drugs I'm taking YUCK 

    4. Kimi


      Glad you're feeling better and that the doctor feels you're doing better too. Get used to those drugs! We need you around for just a tad longer. Like a LONG tad.

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