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  1. New computer to replace my laptop and Firefox is not working quite working like it should.  Can't get the login page at TSR, couldn't do replies here, did a re-install and still not working as it should. But now looks like I can do  replies. Weird. May have to go back to the laptop.  Safari works just fine, and chrome seem to work.  End test message.

    1. zembee


      Thanks Red,

      No, its a new Mac, and so I have all kinds of 'new' stuff here to deal with.  My Photoshop(PS) is no longer valid, so I'm trying to get the GIMP working on it with a dds plugin, just to give you idea what I'm going through, but FF, weird, reinstall and it works now, except I lost my bookmark menus.

      I didn't know you could reply on these status updates.  Thanks!

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  2. When you click too fast and close out your game instead of cancelling the exit you pressed and lose 3 kids, 6 toddlers and 2 infants. Sigh. Now to replay those 3 hours back.