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    Sims(this ones a no brainer.LOL), Languages(sadly I'm not fluent in Nothin,Nope not even English LOL), Travel(if I ever win the lottery), Reading&Writing(which go hand in hand & are both my Crack second only to Sims CC)
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  1. Still alive & kicking, although in the hospital.  I had a sezieur & have been in the hospital since  the 22nd.  As soon as I know anything more i will let you know

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    2. Eliza


      Survived, don't know about more then that, but waiting for test results more when I'm more 'compose mentis' (see I still have my sense of humor.  ha ha)

    3. RedMallie
    4. Rosewin


      Hang in there Elize. Still got everything crossed for positive answers for you.