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  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I used the Buffet Tuning for my new Classic Dining Set - find them here:
    (and matching dining tables here)
    I also have advanced plans for medieval sets.
    thank you for the mods! :)

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    2. Kimi


      Remember to read the rules. Links are not allowed in status updates. 

    3. coolspear


      I did not know that! Hi, @Ingeli if you could please post the links again in the comments section of the Cornucopia Buffet Table mod, then I'll know where your mods are. Since your Buffet Table does rely on that Buffet mod's files, it's best if the links were there. Plus I cannot recall if I saw a link to the Cornucopia Buffet table in your mod description? I know you mention my name (though not spelled correctly) as you mention your mod uses my files. But given that the Cornucopia Buffet Table's files are very unlikely to be broken in patches, - (Maxis simply have no need to re-tread over that old ground. I've only ever updated it to include new foods, never because Maxis tampered with the files.) - it would be nice if there were a link on your end directly to the original table, so those downloading your mod can see the original resource. That's usually the way of it throughout the community; a link and a credit. Thanks.

    4. Ingeli


      OOps. OK :)