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  1. now that s4s has been updated will you update your mods?


    1. coolspear


      Always look to the "Patch News" threads in my mods sections for current patch details. It is against site rules to ask modders directly about updating timeframes. I always let members know what's going on with patching and updating in those Patch News threads.

    2. BunniiJayy


      oi love im sorry :think08: i didn't know

    3. Kimi


      Most of the modders on this site keep a list of mods that need updating after any patch is released, Coolspear being on of those people. 

      Also, the status updates are pretty much for little sippets of what's going on with you, not for forum type questions. Please check the rules for more information. 

      Thanks! But most of all, have fun looking through all that The Asylum has to offer.