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  1. Just got back from the hospital, last night, I was there since Nov. 25, when I slipped and fell on the ice and broke my left leg. Broke it in 2 places and dislocated it. I had to be transferred by ambulance to a bigger hospital since I love in a small town. Well no walking for me, and I guess that means TV and Sims for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

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    2. RedMallie


      Hope you recover well and soon! Patience!!!!

    3. keyqueen


      Glad your home that sounds painfull.

    4. ClearaMorph


      Apparently, I have a high pain threshold because the most painful time was waking up after surgery. Even when the nurses were pulling at it to re-adjust/set the bones it didn't hurt too badly, it almost felt good. Well the first 2 times the 3rd time hurt. Had to knock me out to do some more readjusting then was shipped off to a bigger hospital facility.

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