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    Sims...Sims...Oh Ya did I say the Sims? (this includes Sims City series and sims medieval)

    RPG Computer Games, Dragon Age 1-3 Witcher 1-3 All Dungeon & Dragon Games(NWN, Baulders, Sword Coast Legends ect), Might & Magic, Assassins Creed, Two Worlds 1&2, Wasteland 1&2, Pillars of Eternity, just to name a few.

    Table Top D&D (Dungeon & Dragons) Been playing and collecting since it came out. Have my own created world and rule set based off D&D 1st-3.5, Pathfinder and some d20 stuff.
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  1. Today was a biter sweet day, We buried my Mother in Law , she was sick with MS for 18 years and dies peacefully in her sleep.  While we will miss her, we are glad she is no longer suffering since she has bed ridden for the past several years. 


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    2. Klinn


      Yes, MS is a terrible disease to see a loved one struggle with over the years. Deepest condolences to you and all the other members of the family.

    3. FzzyDg8


      My deepest sympathy to you and yours.

    4. Zaleth


      Thank you, we are glad she is not longer suffering.


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