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  1. Just got confirmation on my new job! Start tomorrow morning. The first professional level job in 12 years. Maybe the economy is finally turning around for me.

  2. Isz is coming to see me in April! Driving all the way to the boonies!

  3. My son got flown to Scott and White hospital today. I am happy to have him nearer to me, but he has been in the hospital for a month and is just not doing very well. I am just feeling a little down today.

  4. Off to get more xrays done.fun?

  5. Off to get more xrays done.fun?

  6. I foresee a lot of fun in my future! :D

  7. Mods are done! *strips off naked and runs around the Asylum*

  8. Mods are done! *strips off naked and runs around the Asylum*

  9. There goes my running goals. Two fractures in ankle. >.>

  10. Oh man, I miss you guys :)

  11. Going to be a nice weekend to air out the house and enjoy the great weather. =)

  12. My turn to be damn tired

  13. is tired. Damn tired.

  14. is tired. Damn tired.

  15. I Got The Moves Like Jagger

  16. Patch is now available

  17. <~~ Is tired.plain and simple

  18. Who was the idiot that thought up this "Let's get back into running" thing and what can I use to stab them in the neck!?!

  19. Would anyone that is my friend now on the EA site be offended if I remove them ? I never talk to you over there anyways

  20. Went trout fishing yesterday and today.GOD it was WONDERFUL to be fishing again!

  21. Has just had more lobster, crab, shrimp and crawfish than any one person should ever eat in one sitting.

  22. Oh, hello sore throat. Feel free to GTFO.

  23. Had stincking weather and a stincking headache most of the weekend.

  24. I am so bummed! My Lunar Lakes save keeps crashing!

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