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  1. Patches come out a week before EPs/SPs, not 2 weeks before.

    1. Twoftmama


      No. The Uni patch was 1 week before the EP was released. There has been no official word about a patch either. It doesn't matter what the NRaas site says because Twallan doesn't have access to any official info that we don't.

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  2. Patches come out a week before EPs/SPs, not 2 weeks before.

    1. Twoftmama


      There hasn't been anything stating the patch was coming today that I can find except a post on the forum by a member who says patches come 2 weeks early which is wrong. None of the gurus have said anything that I can find. Since only EA and the gurus know when the patch is coming, I'm going by past experience which says patches come 1 week before EPs.

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  3. I believe you have my stapler.

  4. I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman. ~ Anais Nin

  5. Workload playing havoc with my Sims and Asylum time. Sorry I’ve been depriving everyone of my boundless reservoir of wit and wisdom. WHAT! No one’s noticed! It’s OK. I lied about the wit and wisdom anyway. I miss y’all, though. : (

  6. is feeling very loved today! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!!

  7. Bragging: "Every time my husband dropped his pants, I had a baby." ..You only had three kids in 40 years of marriage, you dumb dolphin butt

  8. Double good day! I"m gonna have a good hair day! And more importantly, TFM's BDAY!!! Don't forget to visit BOTH the threads, everybody!

  9. Lazy Sundays FTW!

  10. strips down and streaks through the forum yelling "Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!"

  11. Going to the Smithsonian Zoo in D.C. this weekend. The Richmond Zoo was cool, but I'm in the mood for more animals. :D

  12. Itchy scratchy! XD

  13. 5 Years ago, about this time, I was arguing with my best friend that I was not really in labor yet. Just over an hour later I would be holding two of the most perfect little girls. Birthdays will always be bittersweet for me since I only got to take one home but SO happy to see my Rin grow.

  14. Went shooting with Spence and some friends yesterday. Our awesome friends each brought a gun for me to try to shoot. I'd never shot a gun because it was assumed I wasn't strong enough to pull the trigger. Well. Apparently that is not the case. I shot a tiny pistol, a .22 long rifle, Spence's 223, and a .22 Mag. (I did need help pulling the trigger on the .22 long rifle, but I was able to shoot the rest by myself! I had soooo much fun!

  15. going on a business/personal/business trip.don't break things while I'm gone!!!

  16. I'm gone for the rest of the week. See you!

  17. I have a pot of coffee and NO adult supervision! Weeeeee!

  18. No pudding, and no woohooing!

  19. Fixing to scrap all my saves and go buy Uni to start a new game with Sunday or Monday. Seems like a good time to scrap the Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul, methinks. Thanx for the game-break reminder, TFM!

  20. Was not watching my DL folder close enough. 18GBs of new stuff is not so much though.right?

  21. "You should Appreciate what you have, before it becomes what you had."

  22. Went to Ikea today. Never again. XD

  23. My first grader is learning fractions. I am doomed!

    1. Twoftmama


      You are so screwed when they get to HS! I know from experience!

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