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    family, pets, runescape, horses, nature, cooking, camping.
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    In my den with my pack in the Great white North eh?

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  1. Somebody talk some sense into me please!

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    2. Wolfenblu


      I want 4 lol a girl would be good.

    3. SatansSprite


      As much as I sometimes get those little moments of missing a little one inside me, there's no way I could get through the whole infancy part, and then go through the toddler years and so on, with a third. Two are more than plenty for me, haha.

    4. Firestaar1


      I totally understand WolfMoon- I always wanted 4 children, and technically I have 3 (though 1 is only bonded by blood), and I would love to have one with Z- however he really doesn't want to bring any kids into this world; and I love him enough to respect his wishes- though I keep secretly hoping he'll change his mind while my clock still works LOL

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