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    I like playing games, obviously. I also enjoy crafts and golf.
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  1. Why does it take me so long to build!? It's annoying at times, but I guess I get the results intended.hopefully. :P

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    2. Nellas


      oh no! I really think that building big and grand is so much easier than trying to build a smaller house. It is hard to make it all fit nice.

    3. arathea


      Building usually goes pretty fast for me. It's the decorating that takes forever. :X

    4. jvrd12


      weeks? I have never even successfully built a house in TS3. I end up getting bored of, hating and deleting it all. I limit myself to remodeling the premade houses I like. and even that takes forever. I'm usually pretty good at it, though. imo.

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