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  1. Finally finished installing all work-programs onto new monster laptop, which means - time to install TS3. Yay!

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    2. eclipsse


      You'd love it - 2GPUs, stupid amounts of RAM, SSD as a boot plus 1TB HDD. Downsides - it weighs almost twice as much as my old one, and has a case that is, to put it mildly, not pretty. I have had it for over a week and the cats keep looking at it sideways and refusing to go near it. Would be brilliant for your animations, though!

    3. Loralie0512


      Nice! I'm hoping to get my beast this summer at the latest! So bummed its been pushed back.

    4. Cloudwalker


      what brand? Ya, mine is heavier than a set of full samsonite.(Asus gaming)

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