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  1. If you could send positive vibes or prayers to my 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Kip, that'd be great. For the past few days he's not been himself to the point of us needing to take him to the vet tomorrow morning, I'm pretty sure. He's 91 in human years, so even if they find something not too serious, it could be for him due to his age. :( Thanks!

  2. back among to living, but only for 7 days. And have to return to hospital. thanks you all for support you gave me. my son brought me touchy reports from you. Biiiig hug to all of you for that.Love you all people.

  3. Walking Dead tonight!

  4. I am on a Doctor Who high. *Squeeee*

  5. I am on a Doctor Who high. *Squeeee*

  6. I am on a Doctor Who high. *Squeeee*

  7. Hi, my father's friends. Last time I wrote that my father should be home last Monday, but something went wrong and they kept him for one more week. I will know more tomorrow about his condition. It is hard to get to him because they aren't allowed to have cell phones and the visitations are limited. But I know that he would like to hug you all. So I'm passing his hugs to you. Mathias.

  8. Just passed my stress test with flying colors. And I didn't even study. LOL

  9. I am just thrilled I have to tell someone, none of my Runescape friends are on so you my Sim friends get to hear first I have 99 Ranging! That is high as you can have!

  10. Is exhausted after spending the day at the hospital with my sister who is in labor. She was induced Monday and still working on it.

  11. *whispers* I got a job.

  12. Feeling very lucky. Apparently, we had twisters within a couple miles of my house. The damage here is still nowhere near as bad as Washington.

  13. One sim week and two days, not an alien in sight. *sigh*

  14. Just wanted to thank all the modders on here for the updates! I really appreciate it!

  15. *waves*. Got some playing time :)

  16. Just found out one of the women from my Moms Group died this morning. I'm absolutely in shock right now.

  17. is going to hospital in couple of hours. My health is seriously damaged. Don't know when will be able to see you again. If I recover soon enough, I will certainly come and give you huge hug just as I'm doing it now! HUGE HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!

  18. I just became a Twit.

  19. Hi to all. You've been nissed. my son told me about your wishes for my quick recovery and your friendy care for me. Love you all.

  20. Hi to all. My dad is very sick and he asked me to write this message in his name. I'm his son. he also said that he miss you all, Sims 3 and fun he has here in the forum. Well, that's all. Greetings to all of you.

  21. Dear bronchitis- I've been on antibiotics since Thursday night, the coughing could go away now. That is all.

  22. Hopping into ITF later today, finally :D

  23. I have my copy of ITF!