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  1. Heya Mallie,

    I´ve read your comment, thank you, and maybe, I can help? What kind of problem do you have with foundations and platforms?

    1. Kimi


      These kinds of discussions belong on that thread or in another one. That way if others have issues, they can learn too. 

    2. RedMallie


      Thank you, @Kimi!! :give_rose:

      @carlfatal Thank you! I'm going to talk about it in the Silly questions thread. :cheese: I just hadn't had time. Real life is sometimes very demanding for attention.

    3. carlfatal


      I am not that often online but I wish you a happy new year! :hug3:

  2. Heya, I am missing you in my story thread. Is there anything, that angers you? If so, then I am very sorry. :unknw:

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    2. carlfatal


      Oh my gosh, that is really bad! I would die without internet connection! But good to hear, that you are back online. :hug3:

      And you wouldn´t believe but I now own nearly all packs for Sims 4, only missing 3 stuff packs and this crazy SW-pack. I am completely addicted to that crappy game now. That is so embarassing but makes so much fun to build with. I know, why I am an inmate. I never will be allowed to leave the asylum anymore. :titter:



    3. RedMallie


      Kimi keeps the beds fluffy and the jackets are very comfy, I don't know why anyone would want to leave the Asylum. :19:

    4. carlfatal


      Yes, Kimi does so but I always thought, if we were healed, and not longer addicted to this game, then we would have to leave and enter the real world behind the secure walls of the asylum. :unsure2:

      But now I see, that we all seem to suffer from a desease, that can´t be cured but become worse eventually. I can imagine the day, when I´ll buy Sims 5 at the release day. My goodness, the only medication for people like us, is to give us even more of the drug, we´re used to. :40:

      But yeah, the restraints feel comfy and adequate. "They" will never let us go, and we will never feel the will to resist or run. The sims is digital heroin, that´s for sure. :pardon:

      And so we are here, and we will stay here until the last day breaks, on wich a human will play the Sims. :dzaka2:

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