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  1. Around here the further you are from a city center the slower the internet speed becomes.  Even being less than a 100 miles from a major metro area, I barely saw 1mb/s speeds and it so happens I would be in such an area  during the holidays.  Share this bandwidth with your nephews and nieces and what you have is a lot of disgruntled little people, but the PS4 pulled it through along with a game or two of croquet in the unusually beautiful weather we were having.  It was the trip to grandmother's house out in the farmlands of USA, and must say I enjoyed every minute of it, most of it in a hallway where all the pictures of bygone past have been frozen in time. 

    I made it back to civilization just in time to be stuck in a unusually winter blizzard. How ironic.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. RedMallie


      Happy holidays to you too!!! Glad to hear you made it back already!

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