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Status Updates posted by zembee

  1. ~waves~ just to let you know I'm still kicking.  Big issues in RL which is limiting my computer time.   Hugs to all.

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    2. Kimi


      I wondered where you were! I hope everything settles soon and you are able to enjoy your free time.

    3. Klinn


      ~waves back~  Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. We'll wait patiently for your life to settle down and release you from its icy grip. (need some dramatic music here)

    4. FzzyDg8


      -waves back too-  Missing your entertaining posts and hope to see them as soon as RL simmers down for you.

  2. Listening From Mars Hotel.brings back memories of being a deadhead.

  3. Been gone for a few weeks, just got back and it appears I have some catching up to do, but need to spend some time on the house,  the weeds are blocking the view from the windows!

    1. Kimi


      Welcome back! I hope you were gone for a nice reason. It will be nice to see your posts again.

    2. RedMallie


      Welcome back!!! Take care of the weeds, the new patch is going to give us a bit of a headache, I think.

  4. Around here the further you are from a city center the slower the internet speed becomes.  Even being less than a 100 miles from a major metro area, I barely saw 1mb/s speeds and it so happens I would be in such an area  during the holidays.  Share this bandwidth with your nephews and nieces and what you have is a lot of disgruntled little people, but the PS4 pulled it through along with a game or two of croquet in the unusually beautiful weather we were having.  It was the trip to grandmother's house out in the farmlands of USA, and must say I enjoyed every minute of it, most of it in a hallway where all the pictures of bygone past have been frozen in time. 

    I made it back to civilization just in time to be stuck in a unusually winter blizzard. How ironic.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. RedMallie


      Happy holidays to you too!!! Glad to hear you made it back already!

  5. In debug mode - can not up/down load from gallery.

  6. New computer to replace my laptop and Firefox is not working quite working like it should.  Can't get the login page at TSR, couldn't do replies here, did a re-install and still not working as it should. But now looks like I can do  replies. Weird. May have to go back to the laptop.  Safari works just fine, and chrome seem to work.  End test message.

    1. RedMallie


      I copy you. Loud and clear. :smiletooth:

      Congrats on the new computer!!! Give Firefox a chance, it may be something needs updating among the many dlls and stuff that systems require nowadays? I open the Forum on Firefox on Windows 10 every day. No issues.

    2. zembee


      Thanks Red,

      No, its a new Mac, and so I have all kinds of 'new' stuff here to deal with.  My Photoshop(PS) is no longer valid, so I'm trying to get the GIMP working on it with a dds plugin, just to give you idea what I'm going through, but FF, weird, reinstall and it works now, except I lost my bookmark menus.

      I didn't know you could reply on these status updates.  Thanks!

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