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    Sims(this ones a no brainer.LOL), Languages(sadly I'm not fluent in Nothin,Nope not even English LOL), Travel(if I ever win the lottery), Reading&Writing(which go hand in hand & are both my Crack second only to Sims CC)
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  1. I sound like Squeaky McSqueakerpants, LOL yup between seeing our first snowfall 2 days ago, & feeling like I wanna be taken out behind the barn & shot, this week's off to a very Rocky start for me!

    1. RedMallie


      Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, dear Dragon!!! :hugssmileytextst0: Lime and honey work well for easing a sore throat (and honey just makes things look brighter, IMO). :57: Take lots of rest, too!!!

      Don't let them shoot you!!! You are in danger of extinction, dear!!! :heart:

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