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  1. Hai thanks for all your hard work and what you do. I was just thinking about the gift of sulani power is like the instant upgrade. was seeing if you might wanna look into making it have no delay as well.


    1. coolspear


      This is not the right section to make requests. Site rules say do not do that here.  And I don't generally take requests either.

      Finally, as I only make mods I'll actually use in game, I'd have to say no to making the Sulani Power an instant trait for all sims. Given it needs to remain an autonomous interactions for the visiting Sulani Spirits to use as part of their event scenario, when giving it to normal sims they too use it autonomously and often, and the regular raindown of volcano bombs becomes somewhat annoying - thank goodness for the forced cooldown delays! The normal sims I'd given the trait to, I took it off them. They just abuse it, it had to go. It needs to remain seldom seen and for event purposes only, as far as I'm concerned.

    2. Kimi


      Thank you coolest of the coolspear.

    3. iamjaylyn


      oh sorry for asking then but Still THanks for your hard work on making all the other cool mods

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