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  1. human vs floor-to-ceiling bookcase.  i survived, but i hurt.:oops2:

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    2. amberkat


      The bookcase was three uprights (pressure fit between floor and ceiling) with 10 3-foot shelves.  It fell over on me.  I stood up to protect my laptop and my head.  hardback books waist height and down, trade and lighter higher up.  one of the heavy wood uprights would have hit me in the head if I was still seated, instead it hit the arm and back of my computer chair.

      Was stuck for an hour as the books were picked up so i could move without have more stuff come down.  Bathroom was looking VERY good at the end.

      Tweaked my hip being stuck in that awkward position.  Sprained/bruised my left hand where a shelf hit it.  Two key covers on my laptop were popped off but it never stopped running and is working fine (after I canned air 20yrs worth of dust).  I got off VERY luck.  Took the 2 of us around 5 hours to pick up all the stuff so no one would get hurt walking through the room (in the dark).

    3. nixicole


      Glad it wasn't worse, but still, ouch! I hope you get healed up without any issues.

    4. RedMallie
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